Disney World Food Tip #9: Why You Should Share Dessert

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Updated for 2018!

Everywhere you look at Walt Disney World, you will be surrounded by incredibly sweet snacks and desserts. They are inescapable on Main Street at Magic Kingdom, restaurants, Goofy’s Candy Co. at Disney Springs, and now there are even dessert cases in the resort gift shops. I joke that you cannot walk more than about 100 feet without running into something with sugar as a main ingredient.

But man oh man, you have to see those desserts! Chocolate-covered caramel apples, brownies, ice cream sundaes, Dole Whips, tropical icees, pastries, turnovers… the list just never ends.

Should you eat the whole thing yourself?

One great thing about sweet treats at Disney are the price. While the larger chocolate-covered caramel apples are around $10, most snack and dessert items hover around the $5-$6 range.

But you can get that price even lower for you…split the snack with a friend!

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Disney World Christmas Cupcake

Why share a dessert?

1. Disney sweets are really sweet; I mean really sweet. Some people can’t handle that much sugar, especially in the summer heat riding roller coasters and circular rides.

2. You may struggle to eat the whole thing by yourself. Now is the time to find a knife and a friend!

3. Sharing saves you money, which remains one of my number one concerns. Disney cupcakes are usually $4.99 to $5.99 before tax. You can cut one in fourths if you have a steady hand. My kids and I split snacks this size all the time. “It’s not a meal; it’s a snack!”

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Disney World Chocolate Covered apples

Chocolate covered caramel apples are usually $10.99. Cast Members will cut these in slices for you if you ask. I always ask.

These chocolate covered caramel apples also come in cool seasonal designs and various Disney Characters.

One of my personal favorites, just the right size for sharing? An ice cream sundae, with chocolate, strawberry, or caramel sauce. Wow, is this sweet, which makes it perfect for passing the spoon to a friend.

Why share a Disney World dessert


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What dessert do some of our fans suggest you share?

Nicole“The bread pudding at ‘Ohana was the best – the hubby still talks about it with a big smile all over his face ! They brought it to the table after we had eaten our fill. We thought we couldn’t eat any more, and there it was. They poured that great sauce all over it and the ice cream. How could we not dig right in? It was the best dessert of our entire trip!”

Karen,  “Ger’s bread and butter pudding at Raglan Road in DTD is the best dessert I’ve ever had anywhere!”

Stephanie, “S”‘mores at 50’s Prime Time. I swear they have a campfire in the kitchen!”

And if smoked meat isn’t your thing, go for the Rice Krispy turkey leg (shown below), a bargain at under $5.

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turkey leg Rice Krispy treat

So remember, if you want to save some money on food at Disney World, share a dessert…

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Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess


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