Fun Facts about Disney World Christmas Decorations

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Updated for 2017!

The cost of spending Christmas Holidays at Walt Disney World are, if not THE highest, among the highest rates you will pay to stay in Orlando all year-long. Even the off-property hotels charge more this time of year. School will be out, which means so many people will haul the family off to Disney that entire theme parks will close their gates as they reach capacity. So you pay more money for accommodations, stand in longer lines with tons of people, and stress yourself out during your time off from work just to get your Disney fix. Only a true Disney fan would understand this mentality.

Because Christmas at Walt Disney World is like no other place on earth.

Like fun Disney trivia and holiday pictures? We’ve got you covered. Here are some fun holiday facts about the Disney decorations supplied by one of my favorite Disney sites, Disney by the You can find all their numerical Disney trivia by using this Disney by the Numb3rs link.

Christmas Trees

When you glance at your 6 foot tree, remember that 45 to 70 foot trees are used all over the Disney World property, the tallest of which is the 70-foot tree at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

A total of 1,500 Christmas trees decorate the WDW property, including theme parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney.

8.5 million lights are strung, with 98 percent of the lighting used being LED lights.

Five to six years is the life span of a Christmas tree at WDW.

6.5 hours are needed to set up one 65 foot christmas tree.

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300,000 yards of ribbon and bows are draped over the Christmas trees across property.

Nine hours of holiday installation is needed to do all the holiday decoration for  the interior and exterior of Main Street, and it will appear and disappear suddenly like Disney magic…

600 decorations made of popcorn are created by hand, decorated, and painted by Disney artists to be used on the different Christmas trees.

15 miles of garland and 3,000 wreaths are hung throughout the WDW property.

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54,000 square feet of warehouse space is used for the holiday services facility, with one room in this warehouse set aside for storing all the ribbon.

25 full-time Cast Members work in the holiday services warehouse facility year round, and the number quadruples when they go to install the decorations. (Let me just say that THIS is the job I want to apply for – Disney holiday decorator!)

40 trailers are loaded when the holiday decoration are being installed, and these trailers will be returned more than 150 times before the decoration process is completed  for 24 resorts, four theme parks, Disney Springs and other locations.

Ten days are needed to remove all the holiday decorations at the end of the season.

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Floral Decorations

200 holiday topiaries are used to decorate the Walt Disney World resort.

100,000 poinsettias are used to decorate all of WDW landscape. 8-foot towers of poinsettias, which resemble big red Christmas trees, have been a traditional favorite of guests for years.  It takes 170 poinsettias to create each big red Christmas tree, and it takes two Cast Members an entire day to assemble each of these poinsettia Christmas trees.

Speaking of poinsettias, 30 to 40 are used to make just one of the poinsettias balls you will see hanging all around WDW.

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Thanks to Disney by the Numb3rs for their entertaining Disney facts. Stop by their site for some fun Disney trivia, and tell ’em a Cheapskate Princess sent ya!

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