What to Do with All Those Disney World Key Chains? Put Them on a Tree!

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Disney key chains are cheap. They are one of the least expensive souvenirs you can purchase on vacation at the Disney parks, and the amazing part is, that for a low price, you get a quality product that could last for years.

But now let’s be real; how many key chains does one actually need? We only have so many cars and a limited number of locking house doors.

I solved that problem. The answer is you really can’t have too many. You simply need a place to display them.

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The most obvious choice?

A Christmas tree, or two if you will…


Most key chains cost about $10, the quality styles anyway. There are some less expensive ones for under $5, but these are flimsy for the most part. You get what you pay for at Disney, even with a $10 souvenir.

It’s been so long ago that I can’t remember the year, but at some point during the holidays, we hung some key chains on Christmas tree decorations in our dining room. And years later, they’re still there.

There are actually several “real” Christmas decorations on my year ’round Christmas trees. They cost about $27 each, which makes a $10 key chain suddenly seem like a bargain.



We have multiple brand new key chains, purchased right on property in various gift shops for full price. Key chains don’t go on sale, nor does very much merchandise ever go on sale on property.





We also display vintage key chains purchased from Theme Park Connections for about one to two dollars each. That was not a typo – max price was $2! Here’s the link if you want to locate the store: Looking for Vintage Disney Items? Try Theme Park Connection




I have a key chain created from a Star Wars picture with my kids.


I created a key chain from an Aaribas Brothers pendant, because as a classic Disney hoarder, I just couldn’t bare to throw it out when it was too old to wear as a piece of jewelry. Now I walk by it every day.


So while you took your Christmas tree down after Christmas, I still have two lit up in my house, and they’ve covered in Disney souvenirs. That’s a double win – Christmas decorations and Disney World vacation souvenirs displayed 365 days a year.

Win win I tell ya!



Souvenirs will come and go, but not if they hang out in your dining room.

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you in the gift shops, searching out the key chains…

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