Take the MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge in Waikiki Beach!

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MAC DADDY Pancake challenge pancakes

Ever heard of the MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge? Inside the Hilton Waikiki Beach in Hawaii is the M.A.C 24/7 bar and restaurant, whose slogan is “We don’t close unless it snows!” You know why this is funny if you ever broke a sweat on a beach in Honolulu. Hawaii is known for having expensive food, but here’s a yummy tip to save money on a great meal. Take the pancake challenge!

Hilton Waikiki Beach Resort: Home of the MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge

Before we even get to the pancakes, let’s start with the restaurant. Floor to ceiling windows let in an incredible amount of natural light, and as a result, the warm wood tones are set off by red booths and silver accessories. While it’s not fine dining, everything was super clean and comforting.

M.A.C 24-7 restaurant entrance M.A.C. 24-7 restaurant tables M.A.C. 24-7 pancake challenge seating

We were lucky enough to have a window seat, and the greenery seems very Hawaiian considering it’s just an enclosed courtyard.

M.A.C. 24-7 outdoor courtyard

MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge Rules

The rules of the M.A.C 24/7’s MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge sound pretty simple. Just eat three 14″ pancakes with your choice of signature toppings, which will have a total combined weight of 5 lbs. That’s not a mis-print…its five total pounds of food.

If you do this flying solo, you have 90 minutes to finish without leaving your seat. Consequently, if you complete the task, your pancakes are free, plus the winners receive an official shirt. Next, your photo goes on both the Wall of Fame and the official website.

Then they tell you to “HAVE FUN!”

I traveled with my son and daughter, and we all knew there was no way that one of us was going to eat 1/4 pound of pancake, much less five pounds. So we took on the challenge as a trio, knowing there’d be no shirt or wall photo.

Here are your toppings options:

MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge menu

MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge prices

Man V. Food

While M.A.C 24/7 offers a large variety of foods, we chose this restaurant because my son saw a segment of Man V. Food featuring Adam Richman eating pancakes, and that’s the only thing we planned to try.

Let the MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge Begin!

Because the pancakes are cooked to order for the challenge, they ask for 30 minutes notice. We didn’t call ahead to order since we were in no rush. We probably waited no more than 15 minutes for the pancakes to arrive, which gave us time to chat and enjoy the view.

Our waitress was super efficient and really sweet, by the way, and we stared in amazement when she brought the platter to the table.

Believe me, the pancakes tasted just as good as they looked. There’s a sweetness to the batter that was magnified by the fruit and whipping cream.

MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge strawberry topping

MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge Money Saving Tips

1. We ordered three waters, which saved about $10 total.

2. The pancake challenge is $25 for one person, but for additional participants, you add an additional $5 per person. So five pounds of pancakes for our three people were just $35.

3. We valet parked for just $3, which granted three hours of garage parking with little to no hassle, and we didn’t even have to park the car ourselves.

MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge participants MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge ARMY participants

Our MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge Results

Three hours of parking and five pounds of pancakes in a beautiful cafe wound up costing about $16 per person with tips, and that’s a pretty good deal in my Hawaii book. We were so full from pancakes that we skipped lunch, which as a result, made breakfast even cheaper.

This is as far as three of us got with our challenge…

So in conclusion, for a fabulous pancake meal in a beautiful setting, head over to M.A. C 24/7 at 2500 Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki Beach, HI.

Call 808-921-5564 if you have any questions, and take it from me, you want to arrive hungry.

When you finish, head out to enjoy the beach…

Amanda, Cheapskate Princess

beach in Hawaii near MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge

Waikiki Beach near MAC DADDY Pancake Challenge in

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