Disney Springs Must Do: Goofy’s Candy Co.


Sometimes we take vacations and visit places we soon realize we’ll visit again. There are beaches, hotels, and believe it or not, even stores that just stay in your memory for all time. Goofy’s Candy Co. is one of many super adorable shops in Disney Springs which, with all their renovations and new additions, is fast becoming an incredible Disney-themed shopping and dining location you have to visit while in Orlando.

Goofy’s is certainly not new. This sweet shop has looked mostly the same for as long as I can remember, and yet it remains an absolute must do for any shopping trip to Disney Springs.

Grab your wallet and be prepared to make a yummy purchase!

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One of the Best Disney World Snacks Under $10? Try a Cupcake!

best Disney World snacks under $10

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Disney Vacation Must Do: Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary Resort

Disney World Contemporary Resort

Have you ever looked into prices at the Contemporary Resort? Check out these starter prices for 2017:

Prices like that are going to stretch the budget of even the best of us. I joke about how one of these days, I’ll spend the $400 for just one night at the Contemporary so I can say I actually did it. Maybe one day…but to be realistic, it probably will not happen.

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But with Disney’s “open resort policy,” the Contemporary is one of the best resorts to visit for that “Disney experience,” even if you are not spending the night. The grounds are beautiful, with the property situated between Bay Lake and The Seven Seas Lagoon, and the resort itself has a 70s Disney retro vibe. This resort opened at the same time as the Magic Kingdom in 1971, and it still has a Disney old-school feel. Which is why visiting this particular Disney resort is a fabulous idea if you are on that limited budget. Walk around for a little while, soak everything in, and grab a bite to eat.

One of my all time favorite places to grab a counter service meal is at the Contempo Cafe. Monorails will zip through the building. There is a famous Mary Blair floor to ceiling mural that was all the rage when the resort opened. This is an amazing place to have a meal with a true “Disney feel,” and the prices are not in the stratosphere like the resort rooms.

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Hot breakfasts, bakery items, fresh salads, hot and cold sandwiches, flatbreads and pasta entrées are served in the Contempo Cafe. “Grab ’n’ Go” items are also available. Have a cupcake and a chocolate milk, will travel kinda thing…

Let’s take a look at some menu prices.

Breakfast Menu

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cheap meal at Disney's Contemporary Resort

Dinner and Lunch Menu

save money on meals at Disney World


Contemporary Resort

Food prices here are not as bad as you would think, given how much it costs to stay here. For me, that’s even more reason to grab a meal while I’m here.

The Contemporary Resort was the “flag-ship” of the Disney resorts before the Grand Floridian was built. The changes they have made through the years have added to the atmosphere rather than taken away the magic. There are three nice gift shops on one side of the mural, all within site of the monorails. Even if you can’t afford a meal at Chef Mickey’s on the other side of the mural, you’ll be able to hear the fun from your Contempo Cafe seat.

Spend some time just listening to the happy sounds of vacationers going through the building, the sound of the monorail engine as it speeds up and slows down. Watch the sun come through the 14 story windows.  Other than sitting beside the volcano rock water fall at the Polynesian Resort, there may be no better resort location to feel like you are back at Disney as a kid.

I really wanted to stay at the Contemporary when I was in elementary school. Now, knowing how much of my own money it will cost me, I’m rather content to pop in for a cafe meal and a look around.

I am really partial to the Contemporary during Christmas as well.

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Much to my surprise, when we took a vote with our  Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans, the Contempo Cafe did not earn a place among fan favorites. So to get other people’s opinion besides mine, see where the fans suggest you go for a great resort meal.

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