Forget Your Regular Disney Hotel: How To Save Money At Bonnet Creek Resort

While I do love the Disney on-property Resorts, for their fabulous theming and close proximity to everything Disney, the point can be made that you can find excellent deals off property that make financial sense when you are on a budget. From a Motel 6 room to renting a spacious house or condo, Orlando is full of beautiful properties just waiting for you to find them and decide if it’s worth your trouble to stay off site. Let me whisper three words for you to remember… Bonnet Creek Resort.

You can almost drive right by the entrance to Bonnet Creek without realizing it’s there. When my children were toddlers, we made a wrong turn and wound up driving into the property on accident. Just that one peek was enough to make me dream of staying there one day. I looked up pictures of the rooms and the multiple pools on the Internet, and then the price stopped me dead in my tracks. But I found my Cheapskate Princess solution to that dilemma… [Read more…]