Is Disney World’s Tomorrowland Fireworks Dessert Party Worth the Money?

Disney Fireworks Dessert Party cost

Updated for 2016!

I have wanted to experience the Tomorrowland Fireworks Dessert Party since I first saw pictures of the desserts. The number one factor holding me back? The price, but given how yummy those desserts appear and having a private place to watch the Wishes fireworks after stuffing my face, I probably could have justified the price for a family of five. In fact, we made reservations for last December. And then I read some reviews online, and we cancelled our reservations.

We asked our Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans who had been to the Dessert Party to tell us what they thought. So let’s hear their opinions, because they’ve been there and eaten that! Did they feel this experience was worth the money?

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the cost of the Tomorrowland Fireworks Dessert party


Suzi,  “I’ve done it the past two years and just love it. It is worth the price for me simply to have assigned seats and a reserved spot to watch Wishes. With a grumpy husband having that space to ‘ourselves’ is totally worth it.  And the extra sugar actually helps us because we plan this for an Extra Magic Hours night, so its not like we are just going back to the resort for sleep after.  We need that energy.  Yes, it is true, people do run up to the railing when the show starts.  You just have to know that and get up yourself too. There is PLENTY of room along the railing for the 50-100 people in there.  I actually think there is a better view further down near the buffet.  Still way more room than on Main Street.”

Marissa, “We did it in December for the first time and we will do it again!”

Vonni,  “It’s so worth it! Awesome desserts, great location! We will do it every trip!”

Erin,  “This past October was our first time going to the dessert party, and I was afraid it wasn’t going to be worth it.  But it was worth every penny. Our 9-year-old son loved it also. He went back for more every time I turned around! And the view for the fireworks was perfect!”

Dawn, “We did it in August and had great seats. It was so good! We had front row viewing for Wishes fireworks on our first night. It was the perfect way to start our Disney vacation!”

Kristi, “Our main objective was to see the show in a relaxed, comfortable, and non- crowded atmosphere. The desserts were an added perk. It was much a much more pleasant way to enjoy the show.”

Karen“We all loved it! The desserts were great and the view is fantastic!”

Lisa, “We did it last year and loved it, and we’re doing it again this year and any other year after this that we go! Great desserts, great view! I’d pay the $22 again.”

Susan, “I did the dessert party last September. Great location, no crowd to deal with, and the desserts were good. They were still out after the fireworks for a while too. By the time we left the terrace most of the crowd was gone. Ww would do it again.”

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Tomorrowland dessert party


Jeri, “We did this last April – except at Epcot. I was not impressed!”

Kaitlin“Did this in September.  It was cool, but I would not do it a second time.”

Traci,  “We did this way back when they first started. I won’t do it again. We waited in line for a long time and were seated at a great table upfront. As soon as the show started, everyone ran up to the railing in front of our table. We couldn’t see much or get one picture without half the fireworks cut off by people sanding in front of us. Also the dessert bar was like vultures at feeding time, and they were not quick to refill either. Kind of like a first come first served situation, and I didn’t care for it.”

Crystal, “I felt it was over priced. There were too many people in that small space, but they ran out of food and drinks. And people fight over standing at the railing. We did it once but never again.”

Caoimhne, “We did this in October, and it was the worst Disney experience ever. The coffee and tea was cold, the desserts were only OK,  and a lot them looked different but tasted exactly the same, which was weird! The Cast Members didn’t seem to know what they were doing.  They ran out of plates, and we waited ten minutes for them to bring out more. It’s true, people rush and  push to get to the railing, so we stayed at our table as my toddler had fallen asleep in her stroller. But the Cast Member’s insisted on walking over and back to clear tables.  We asked one Cast Member to please stop blocking our view, and her response was, ‘I don’t see what your problem is the show is in the sky.‘”

Sarah, “We did this once and while we mostly enjoyed it, we don’t have much desire to do it again. We lined up way early, and we had great seats, but when the Cast Member seated us, she told us to stand at the railing when the fireworks began. We did what she said, and the people at the front row table behind us took it very personally. The first several minutes of the show was spent listening to nasty comments at our backs. Also, we were not prepared for the way people would overload multiple plates with desserts, leaving nothing for the more civilized, who got a couple things with hopes to go back. They ran out of many dessert items, and it was disappointing to miss out on trying new things while seeing piles of uneaten items being bused away from greedy tables who were just interested in grabbing as much as they could as fast as they could.”

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Disney dessert party

Maybe Not Again

Sharon, “We actually just did this on Friday evening. It was our first trip to Disney, and my parents went with us. Unfortunately, it was about 40 degrees out, so I don’t think I enjoyed the desserts as much as if it were warmer out. Though I certainly ate my fair share. I am glad we did it at least once, it made for some fantastic memories. I don’t know if we would do it again, we’d probably try for some other experiences we haven’t had.”

Allyson,In my opinion, the dessert is exceptional, however, I didn’t feel that the view was spectacular.  A side view is not the same as a view straight on. Also, I am basing it on the fact that even though we had a front row view from our table, we still had to ‘line up’ at the railing about an hour before the fireworks started to make sure we were able to see. I am also basing my opinion on the fact that we had to deal with an extremely rude mother who was trying to take the spot from our children. If I am going to pay that much for a good view and a dessert, that I don’t want to have to deal with other rude people, as we all pay the same amount to get in. I think standing on Main Street, U.S.A., is just as nice, and you have a much better view of the castle. And it’s FREE!!!  This is a great one-time experience for the desserts though!”

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And there you have what some of our  Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans thought about the dessert party.  So let us know…have you been, and what did you think?! 

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