Check Out the New Disney & Bourke Tinker Bell Handbags!

Dooney & Bourke has just released a new handbag print for summer 2017 featuring everybody’s favorite sassy fairy, Tinker Bell! While Disney Dooneys are certainly not cheap, they can make a great investment in terms of vacation souvenirs. Treated well, these handbags can literally last for 10 years or more.

Ready to see the handbags and some prices?

You might want to grab your Disney Visa…

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The Ultimate Disney World Tinker Bell Gift Guide

The Ultimate Tinker Bell Gift Guide for a Disney vacation

Souvenirs and trinkets from your Disney World and Disneyland vacations will be fairly pricey. While t-shirts, coffee mugs, and Mickey jewelry may be easy for many adults to ignore, toys placed at eye level will be harder for your children to overlook. Dolls, princess costumes, shiny key chains, and an endless parade of toys will meet your kids in gift shops at the resorts and just outside the vast majority of nearly every park ride. Unlike leaving the kids at home with a relative while you run over to Wal-mart or Target to do some shopping, you cannot avoid gift shops and character merchandise on a Disney vacation, even if you tried. As you can imagine, it’s tough to get some younger children out of gift shops without a huge scene or raucous tantrum. [Read more…]