Disney Food Tip #1: Share This Meal!

sharing food on a Disney World vacation

Updated for 2018!

Food is a hot topic among Disney vacation planners. People online are raving about their favorite restaurants and special meals. But food is also pricey, and if you’re on a limited food budget, character meals and Disney Signature Dining meals may not be on your trip itinerary.

Budget WDW trips often call for counter service meals. Counter service is simply where you walk up to the restaurant counter and order your meal, take it back to your table yourself, and clean up your own mess. There is no wait staff at counter service restaurants like there are at table service locations, and this meal will be less expensive than table service.

You can save money by choosing counter service meals over table service, and then save even more by sharing, because who says you have to eat the whole meal by yourself?

Remember when mom said, “Sharing is caring.” Well, it’s also cheaper…

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