How to Keep Up with Kids at Walt Disney World and Disneyland

help finding kids at Disney parks

Updated for 2018!

Walt Disney World and Disneyland are enormous places often with substantial crowds. Ask any Disney loving mom or dad planning a vacation to either park if they are a little apprehensive about keeping up with the kids, and most likely they’ll tell you there is a little fear. Talking about child safety is not the time to make a helicopter-parent joke, but parents these days like to keep a really close eye on the kids. Every guardian wants to keep their children safe, which on a Disney vacation can mean within eyesight. It’s undoubtedly easy for little feet to wander off, which could just as easily happen with bigger feet.

So we asked our Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans to tell us how they kept up with their kids on a Disney vacation so that everyone felt safe and secure. We wanted to share their outstanding answers, from vacationers who have been there, done that, and somehow their kids survived to plan another trip! [Read more…]