Lower Your Stress on a Disney Vacation: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

10-ways-to-reduce-stress-at-disney-worldUpdated for 2017!

A Disney vacation, that will cost you a fortune and make amazing memories that last a lifetime, can be extremely stressful. Kids walk slow. Adults get irritable. Surely that’s not rain? Favorite rides break down. Plans have to be altered. Meals have to be delayed. Children get over stimulated, throw screaming tantrums in crowded gift shops while strangers stare at you. Lovers fight, parents fuss, and teens complain.

You have huge expectations regarding how your expensive and long-planned vacation should play out, and when things go wrong, people start to stress out. Just worrying about how much money you are spending is enough to turn up your stress level to high.

I ran across this photo on Pinterest (follow us using this Pinterest link ) that simply shared 10 ways to Stress Less, and I’ll expand upon those ideas a bit with a focus on vacation application, because these ideas can add greatly to your life, but more specifically, your next Disney vacation. [Read more…]