Cool Disney World Pressed Penny Jewelry!

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Pressed pennies are some of Walt Disney World’s cheapest souvenirs, starting at a whopping $.51 each. Kids and adults alike collect them every year. We have scoured the Internet looking for ideas for using your pressed pennys when you get back from vacation. Nothing fights Disney Post Vacation Depression Syndrome (DPVDS) like a piece of jewelry! Especially if you make it yourself for cheap. But if you’re not crafty or have a lot of free time, we found several Etsy stores guaranteed to help you purchase something adorable.

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Best Disney World Souvenirs Ever? $.51 Pennies

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Updated for 2018!

Love to save money on Disney World souvenirs? With child size Disney t-shirts almost above the $30 mark and key chains sliding over $10, you’re going to have a hard time finding most anything under $5, much less $1. In what may be the absolute cheapest Disney World souvenir EVER, let’s talk about the pressed penny, and why, if you have children, this may be a great way to bring home souvenirs from the parks without breaking their little piggy banks.

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