MagicBands at Walt Disney World: A Guide


MagicBands at Walt Disney World are now so common, you won’t remember a time when they didn’t exist. Will you need one for your next vacation? The answer is yes, especially if you are staying on property.

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Best Times to Visit Walt Disney World: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

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Updated for 2018!

One of my favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, has a great bit describing his family trip to Walt Disney World. “If you haven’t been to Disney as an adult, just imagine you are standing in line at the D.M.V., and that’s it. Actually it was Orlando in July, so it’s kind of like standing on the surface of the sun. Why would we do this to ourselves? When you were a kid and you’d go on vacation, you’d wonder, ‘Why is Dad always in such a bad mood?’ Now…I understand. How can I spend an enormous amount of money, be uncomfortable, and listen to my children complain and whine? Disney!

If you have spent more than 10 minutes talking to someone headed for or just back from a Disney vacation, almost inevitably the timing will come up. When did you go? Was it really busy? How was the weather? And then you compare your BEST TIME to their BEST TIME, trying to figure out the real deal best time to head to Orlando. [Read more…]

Impulse Buys: How Returning Kid’s Purchases Is Costing You Money at Disney World

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Updated for 2017!

With my family right next to me, I spend a lot of time in Disney gift shops when we’re in Orlando on vacation. I’m as much at home and happy on the back bench in the Small World ride as I am in a gift shop at the Polynesian Resort. Through the years, I have realized that my vacation time spent shopping for and purchasing Disney items wasn’t nearly the waste of time that returning those purchases was. [Read more…]