Where to Find FREE Disney World Theme Parks Christmas Music

Disney World Christmas castle

As we approach Christmas holidays, do you ever find yourself being glad you didn’t brave the crowds at Walt Disney World and yet simultaneously really wish you were there? It’s a huge Christmas Catch 22 really. Do you tackle the huge holiday crowds and stand in long lines or do something else and wish you were in Orlando? It’s hard on the psyche when the decision is made not to travel to the House of Mouse.

Music plays such a big part in Disney vacations, that sometimes when you hear a familiar tune, you are magically transported back in time to your “home.” Christmas at Disney World is incredibly crowded, but it’s also decorated to the hilt with miles of twinkling lights and garland, plus all those trees! To mentally enjoy a Mickey Mouse holiday, you simply need to listen to some of the music they play in the theme parks. Mickey won’t be saying “See ya real soon!” but you will appreciate the high quality Disney holiday music production factor.

I can’t seem to locate many theme park area music songs for sale – I’ve looked.

Did you know you can hear this music for free? Simply press play on the YouTube videos we’ve collected all in one place, kind of like a Christmas present just for you. Throw in some fun facts and trivia from Disney by the Numb3rs.com, and you have yourself an afternoon of musical entertainment.

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Christmas at Walt Disney World

It takes 150 tractor-trailer truckloads of decorations to holiday-up all 24 resorts, four theme parks, Downtown Disney and other locations. A 70 ton crane is used to position the theme park Christmas trees into place each year.

1,500 decorated Christmas trees are placed thought the entire WDW property. 5,500 lights are hung on every icon Christmas tree in each park or resort for the holidays, and 98 percent of this lighting is LED. In case you are doing the math, that’s over 8.5 million lights decorating the WDW property for Christmas.

A total of 15 miles of garland is strung, 1,314 wreaths are hung, and 300,000 yards of ribbon and bows drape over Christmas trees across the property.

Disney Christmas Songs – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Christmas Illuminations, Country Bear Christmas

Posted on youtube by terrortower2 .

This video is a massive collection of songs, nearly three hours, with Christmas songs you might recognize from the parks playing in the last hour. Pluto is barking “Oh Christmas Tree” just after the three-hour point.

  • Magic Kingdom – Full Christmas Loop
  • Epcot – Full Christmas Loop
  • Christmas Illuminations – Full Christmas Show
  • Christmas Wishes – Full Christmas Show
  • Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parade – Full Christmas Parade
  • Country Bears Christmas Special – Full Christmas Show
  • Mickey’s Christmas Doggy! – Sung By Benji Boodles Lamey!
  • Mickey’s Christmas Carol – Full CD Audio
  • Disneyland Paris – Chante, c’est Noel! Christmas Parade *Full Song*

This is a really nice collection of songs that would be great to play during dinner or at work as background music. Just hit the play button and let it run…

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Christmas at Hollywood Studios

There are well over 10 miles of twinkling rope lights in the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

There are 5 million lights, and if they were strung end-to-end, the lights would span over 426 miles.

90% of the Osborne figurines were part of the original display in Little Rock. This includes the 70 foot tree, Mickey Train, globe, two 30 foot carousels and the Flying Santa and Reindeer.

Hollywood Studios Music – (Also known as Main Street Full Christmas Loop Disneyland Paris)

Posted to YouTube by DLRPWelcomeMusic.

I understand this video contains the same music they play at Hollywood Studios, and if per chance that is wrong and they only play it in Paris, well, it’s still amazingly beautiful music.

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Christmas at Epcot

Epcot has 11 countries that are dressed up for “Holidays Around the World” at World Showcase.

You’ll see a 65 foot Christmas tree on display, while 1,200 stuffed Duffy bears make up the newest Christmas tree in Epcot.

Epcot Entrance Area Music – Christmas Loop Version

Posted on YouTube by WDWFacts.

This video lasts about 50 minutes and is lovely background Christmas music.

800 performers are used each night during the Candlelight Processional at Epcot, while 200 guest choirs are showcased during the entire run of the event.

There are many YouTube videos of the Candelight Processional. If this one isn’t your favorite, they probably have a video you’ll like better, so just search around.

Epcot 2013 Candlelight Processional- Edward James Olmos

Posted to YouTube by grogruxking.

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Christmas at Magic Kingdom

A 65 foot Christmas tree is erected in the center of Main Street, which is 26 feet wide.

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

300,000 cookies, washed down with 1,200 gallons of hot cocoa, are consumed each night.

164 performers appear in Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade, and there is a 100 % chance of snow flurries during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade Soundtrack Album

Posted on YouTube by MoneySavingVideos.

This is not a professional recording, but you’ll feel like you are there while you listen.

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Cinderella Castle

It takes 60 people a total of three weeks to install all the 200,000 LED Dream Lights, which made their debut in 2007, on Cinderella Castle. The lights are hung in place by 32,000 square feet of fish netting, which has been dyed to match the castle’s colors. It takes 15 miles of cable to hang all the lights and netting.

105 different circuits are used to make the lights come to life, aided by 74 LED spot lights that wash the castle in different colors and 500 strobes which create the sparkling lighting effect

Holiday Wishes Christmas Fireworks Show at the Magic Kingdom

Posted on TouTube by OnlyHDVideos.

This is not a professional recording, but rather it’s a video of the actual fireworks show. You can hear the crowd cheering and the sounds of the fireworks exploding, which adds to the feeling of being there.

A big thanks to Disney by the Numb3rs for their WDW Christmas trivia.

And there you have it – over 8 hours of videos with beautiful Disney World theme park music. You don’t have to play it all at one time, although this could get you through a work day. Save this page where you can find it and turn on doe tunes when you are cooking or having dinner, doing crafts with the kids, or just hanging out and remembering that last vacation. Music takes you back…


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