“Best of the Best” Walt Disney World Freebies

Best of the Best Disney World free stuff

Updated for 2018!

A trip to Disney World is magical and expensive, two words that seemingly don’t go together. Or perhaps they do, because sometimes magic is costly. But when you think about those memories you made or plan to make, then you just deal with the cost and try to find a… a deal. At Cheapskate Princess we love deals, even more if they’re free. [Read more…]

Ice Cream, Mickey Mouse Hats, and Gift Cards: Get These FREE for Your Next Disney Vacation!!

Free Disney Perks for Vacation
Updated for 2018!
Several years ago back in in 2014, we ran a promotion where you could get free ice cream gift cards and Mickey Mouse hats. This article still gets re-pinned a lot on Pinterest, so people looking for a bargain wind up here only to leave disappointed. We’re sorry, but that promotion has ended. However, we still have two promotions that run ALL YEAR. Check it out…

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