Where Can You Find Disney World’s Main Street Area Music?

where can I find Disney World Main Street music

Music plays a huge part in my Disney vacations. I can just hear a certain song and suddenly feel seven years old again, like I am walking through the Magic Kingdom with my family way back in ’77. Living in this amazing age of technology, you can relive those Disney feelings when you get home just by simply listening to music.

Where can you find the Main Street, U.S.A., area music loops?

We haven’t located a place to purchase the actual CDs, and these songs are not available on iTunes.

So we did a little searching and found videos on YouTube, plus several bonus videos for those cold or rainy days where you  want to stay inside and relive those old memories. These videos are really just brief visual images to go with the recordings. We’ll give you some info. about Main Street too, for those that like a little knowledge to accompany their tunes.

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Disney Main Street

Disney World’s Main Street features stylistic influences from New England and Missouri. This is most noticeable in the “four corners” area in the middle of Main Street where each of the four corner buildings represents a different architectural style. Whereas Disneyland has an Opera House, WDW’s Main Street sports Exposition Hall.

Here is the Main Street, U.S.A, music loop, over an hour’s worth of songs you’ll instantly recognize.

WDW Main Street USA Area Music Loop

Disney Main Street parade

Main Street’s decor is early 20th century small-town America inspired by Walt Disney’s childhood.  City Hall contains the Guest Relations lobby for information and assistance. You can actually get your hair cut in a barber shop. (Use this link: Should You Get a Haircut at Walt Disney World? For $20, with Pixie Dust and Stickers, Yes!) The Emporium carries a massive variety of Disney merchandise such as plush toys, collectible pins, clothes, jewelry and hats. Tony’s Town Square and the Plaza Restaurant are table service restaurants for a nice sit-down meal, while Casey’s Corner, located at the end of Main, sells traditional American ball park items like hot dogs and french fries.

Just beyond the end of Main Street, separating this from every other main street in the United States, is Cinderella Castle.

The Main Street music has changed some through the years, so here is a link to the “original” Main Street loop.

The Original Main Street, USA Area Loop: 1971 – 1992

Disney Transportation on Main Street

Standing at only 189 feet tall, WDW’s Main Street benefits “forced perspective.” Forced perspective is a simple technique that uses optical illusions to make objects appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than they actually are. The second stories of all the buildings along Main are shorter than the lower story, and the third stories are even shorter than the second. You will notice the same technique used on Cinderella Castle.

Main Street is like the opening act for the Magic Kingdom. As you pass under the train station/opening curtain, you then view the opening credits on the upper stories of the main street buildings.

Main Street Disney windows

The windows have business names on them, such as “Seven Summits Expeditions, Frank G. Wells President”, with each of the names connected to important Disney individuals. The windows/credits are ordered as they would be for a movie.

Before you walk onto Main Street, U.S.A., you will pass through the bag check and the entrance, with this music loop playing in the background.

Magic Kingdom Full Entrance Loop

Disney Main Street Area Music Loop

So you woke up early enough to make rope drop? Well, then you heard these tunes. Listening, I can almost see Mickey and his pals waving from the train station.

Magic Kingdom Welcome Melody

While the next video has no direct connection to Main Street per se, this video is the 1971 grand opening television special of Walt Disney World, which was broadcast on the Wonderful World of Disney show. Julie Andrews hosts this celebration with celebrity appearances by Glen Campbell, Bob Hope, Buddy Hackett and Jonathan Winters. This footage is a true Disney treasure, mostly because the Disney music is completely reminiscent of the 1970s. Highlights of the musical arrangements include Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah and It’s A Small World.

The Grand Opening of Walt Disney World

And where does Main Street lead you? Right here, to that famous castle…

Disney Castle at the end of Main Street

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