Want a Fun Disney Craft? Check Out These FREE “paperman” Paper Dolls!

Paperman Paper Dolls

Updated for 2016!

Paperman is a short black-and-white animated romantic comedy produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2012. The short film blended traditional and computer animation, and it won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 85th Academy Awards. Paperman was the first animated short film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios to win this award since It’s Tough to Be a Bird in 1970.

If you haven’t seen the short film lately, or perhaps at all, stop now, grab the kids, and take a quick look. [Read more…]

Get These Disney Inspired Frozen Paper Dolls – Free!

Cory Jensen paper dolls

Paper dolls have been around seemingly forever, invented just after paper was invented. In Europe, the first paper dolls were made during the mid-18th century. McLoughlin Brothers, founded in early 1800 and the largest American producer of paper dolls of that era, was sold to Milton Bradley in the 1920s. This is when paper dolls really became popular in the U.S. Movie stars and celebrities became the focus in the early days of paper dolls in America. While paper dolls are not as popular in our current age of Play Stations and iPhones, maybe it’s time to introduce your children or grandchildren to a toy you probably played with as a child.

At Cheapskate Princess, we love anything FREE. It’s pretty hard to come by free these days without there being strings attached. So when I found Paper Dolls by Cory Jensen, a Facebook group featuring paper doll designs you could print for free, I was tripping over myself to get permission to share them with our readers. You can find Paper Dolls By Cory using this link. Let’s get to his amazing dolls, and then we’ll tell you how he says to take them from computer to your child’s hands.

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Elsa and Anna Disney Frozen paper dolls

Disney paper dolls

Anna Disney paper doll

Disney anna doll

Elsa Frozen Disney paper doll

Jean Gillmore Frozen dress designs

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And so we don’t forget the little boys out there, who are probably irritating sisters and complaining about princess dresses, here are the Frozen gentlemen!

kristoff and Hans Disney paper dolls

Frozen kristoff and Hans Disney paper dolls

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Cory designed outfits for the characters to wear to Anna and Kristoff’s wedding. 

paper doll for Anna and Kristoff's wedding

Anna and Elsa Disney paper dolls

Disney's Frozen paper dolls

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Cory said these gowns were designed by Jean Gillmore as concept art for the film. He fell in love with these designs when I first saw them, and then he had to make outfits for the dolls inspired by her work. 

Disney Frozen Paper Dolls

Cory said to use the paper dolls, simply click on the photo, and press print on your computer. That’s way easier than dealing with an iPhone.

A couple of tips to make things easier for you.

  • Paste the doll on card stock so it will last longer.
  • Save this page somewhere on your computer. If you need to reprint any outfits, you’ll be able to locate them quickly.

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Paper Dolls by Cory Jensen

Head over to Paper Dolls By Cory to see what new designs he is currently working on. Disney VIPs are not the only dolls he draws, although we plan to share all the Disney creations he has. And a HUGE thanks to Cory for allowing us to share his designs. It’s impossible to look at these amazing paper dolls and not think about what an amazing talent he has!

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you at the kitchen table, scissors in hand, Disney music on the iPod, creating some memories with your kids.



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