30 Free Activities at Disney’s Contemporary Resort: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

Free activities at Disney's Contemporary Resort

Updated for 2018!

Along with the Polynesian Village Resort, Contemporary Resort is one of Walt Disney World’s two original hotels. These are Deluxe accommodations, so what can you do there for FREE to go along with the high price tag! [Read more…]

Disney Vacation Must Do: Contempo Cafe at the Contemporary Resort

Disney World Contemporary Resort

Have you ever looked into prices at the Contemporary Resort? Check out these prices for 2018: [Read more…]

Can a Disney Princess Afford to Stay at the Contemporary Resort at Christmas?

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If you have ever looked at The “Holiday Season” pricing at Disney World to see if you could afford a room during the most festive time of year, then you just might be a Cheapskate Princess. Nothing wrong with making plans and checking things out to see if your budget can handle what your heart desires. Christmas is a truly magical time at Disney. “Holiday Season” runs from December 21 to December 31 of 2012. Without any sort of discount, a standard room at Disney’s All-Star Resorts will cost you $164, and the prices for this time of year go up from there. A standard room a moderate resort level Coronado Springs Resort is $249, compared to around $190 a night for a summer night on a weekday. Now, are you ready for some really heaving pricing? [Read more…]