Disney World’s Main Street Bakery: Can You Afford Starbuck’s Prices?

Starbucks Disney prices

The Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom caused quite a stir last year when they essentially became a Starbucks after months of remodeling. When the doors re-opened in June of 2013, the sign above the door still read “Main Street Bakery,” but the great majority of the food and drink items sold there were revealed to be Starbucks products. “The Cinnamon Roll,” a long time bakery favorite with many fans, was moved to Gaston’s Tavern. Not that there was a tremendous amount of seating to begin with, but what seats there had been were removed to make room for two sides of counter space for ordering, sales and product delivery.

Disney fan’s reactions? Long-time bakery lovers complained on the Internet, some actually boycotting the new bakery, meanwhile Starbucks fans rejoiced there was finally some “good” coffee to be found in the Magic Kingdom. If they are not currently open by now, Starbucks locations will be found in all four theme parks and Downtown Disney.

So even if you can’t have a seat, or purchase bakery items you loved before the remodel, have you ever wondered about the prices? Can you afford Starbucks items when they are served on Disney property?

Let’s take a look at current menu items and pricing, and you Starbucks regulars can decide if these prices are higher or lower than what you currently pay.

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Disney World Starbucks prices

Coffee, Tazo Tea & More

These items count as a Disney Dining Plan snack, and the sizes are Tall 12oz./Grande 16 oz./Venti 24 oz.

Freshly Brewed Coffee – Regular or Decaf $1.99/$2.19/$2.49
Caffe Misto $1.99/$2.19/$2.49
Tazo Chai Tea Latte $3.49/$4.29/$4.49
Full-Leaf Tazo Tea $2.29/$2.49/$2.79
Hot Chocolate $2.99/$3.39/$3.69
Kids’ (age 12 and under)Hot Chocolate – 8 oz. $2.89

Frappuccino Blended Beverages

These items count as a Disney Dining Plan snack item, and the sizes are Tall 12oz./Grande 16 oz./Venti 24 oz.

Choose Milk: Whole, 2% or Nonfat Organic Soymilk  add $.59
Coffee: Decaf, Extra Coffee +49¢, Espresso Shot, add $.79

Caramel $4.29/$4.99/$5.49
Mocha $4.29/$4.99/$5.49
Java Chip $4.29/$4.99/$5.49
Coffee $3.59/$4.29/$4.99
White Chocolate Mocha $4.29/$4.99/$5.49
Mocha Light $4.29/$4.99/$5.49

Vanilla Bean $3.59/$4.29/$4.99
Strawberries & Creme $4.29/$4.99/$5.49
Double Chocolaty Chip $4.29/$4.99/$5.49
Green Tea $4.29/$4.99/$5.49

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Starbucks snacks on Main Street


These items count as a Disney Dining Plan snack item, and they are blended with a whole banana and whey protein.

Strawberry, Mango, or Chocolate $4.99 


These items count as a Disney Dining Plan snack item, and they come in sizes Tall 12oz./Grande 16 oz./Venti 24 oz.

Caramel Macchiato $3.99/$4.79/$4.99
White Chocolate Mocha $3.99/$4.79/$4.99
Cinnamon Dolce Latte $3.99/$4.79/$4.99

Caffe Latte $3.69/$3.99/$4.39
Caffe Mocha $4.29/$4.59/$4.89
Iced Caffe Mocha $3.99/$4.79/$5.29
Vanilla Latte $4.29/$4.59/$4.89
Skinny Vanilla Latte $4.29/$4.59/$4.89
Caffe Americano $2.49/$2.79/$3.29
Cappuccino $3.69/$3.99/$4.39

Espresso solo $2.99, doppio $3.99

Add Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel or Peppermint flavors: $.49
Add an Espresso shot: $.79
Add Organic Soymilk : $.59

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Disney World Starbucks menu

Starbucks Refreshers

These items count as a Disney Dining Plan snack item, and the come in sizes Tall 12oz./Grande 16 oz./Venti 24 oz./Trenta 31 oz.

Cool Lime $3.29/$3.79/$4.29/$4.79
Very Berry Hibiscus $3.29/$3.79/$4.29/$4.79

Iced Coffee & Iced Tazo Tea

These items count as a Disney Dining Plan snack item, and they come in sizes Tall 12oz./Grande 16 oz./Venti 24 oz./Trenta 31 oz.

Iced Coffee $2.19/$2.59/$2.99/$3.49
Iced Coffee with Milk $2.19/$2.59/$2.99/$3.49
Shaken Iced Tazo Tea $1.99/$2.49/$2.99/$3.29
Iced Tazo Tea Lemonade $2.99/$3.49/$3.99/$4.29

Breakfast Items

Bacon and Gouda Artisan Breakfast Sandwich $4.99
Ham and Cheddar Artisan Breakfast Sandwich $4.99
Sausage and Cheddar – Classic breakfast sandwich $4.49
Spinach, Feta, Eggwhite breakfast wrap $4.99

The Quick Service Breakfast Meal counts toward the Disney Dining Plan.

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how much does Starbucks cost at Disney World, Disney Starbucks prices

So there you go, prices for the new Main Street Starbucks Bakery. Breakfast items for under $5.00 and iced coffees for under $3.00. If you look closely, these prices are actually lower than many of the goodies and treats in many locations throughout Disney World. And remember that prices and menu items can change at any time without notice.

You may have to stand to eat at the counters along the wall or outside on the sidewalk, but you certainly won’t wreck your vacation budget if you pay a visit.

Ever wondered what your Starbucks is taking from your vacation fund? We did the math for you. Some of you may be shocked.

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Are these prices what you pay on a day to day basis when you visit Starbucks? And because most people have daily access to Starbucks products, does this make you look more or less forward to a bakery visit?

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you in line with your Starbucks gift cards…


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