Disney Merchandise Mobile Checkout Will Save You Time!

Disney app for mobile purchases

Disney just rolled out a faster way to check out and purchase your vacation souvenirs using a new service called Merchandise Mobile Checkout. When you have formerly stood in long lines completing your souvenir shopping, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of how this phone technology works.

At select stores, just select your items, scan them, and check out using the mobile app. Think how super fast this will be!

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Grab Disney Merchandise at Five Below Stores for Under $5!

Looking for Disney themed items at a cost that won’t wreck a vacation budget? How about some Disney Princess merchandise for a birthday present or another holiday? Move over dollar tree and make way for Five Below! [Read more…]

Splendid Disney World Watches I Can’t Afford!

Shinola Mickey watches
Every now and then a Disney-themed product comes along that peeks my interest but just completely loses me with the price tag.
Hang on to your Disney Visa and say hello to Mickey Mouse watches by Shinola.

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OtterBox Now Offering Mickey & Minnie Phone iPhone Cases

OtterBox now offers Mickey and Minnie themed iPhone cases, and oh boy, are they cute!

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Lilly Pulitzer at Disney World


Lilly Pulitzer at Disney World? That might be the last thing you think of when planning a vacation. But in addition to theme park tickets, a hotel room, and food, almost a guaranteed part of the overall expenses for a Disney vacation is souvenir shopping. You will stand in too many gift shops not to bring something home, so then the million dollar questions becomes how much will you spend?

There are certainly no shortage of both moderately-low to high-end gift shop merchandise available these days, but when looking for a splurge, the name Lilly Pulitzer is becoming synonymous with Disney Vacation extravagance.

Are you ready for a Lilly?!

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Looking for Disney-themed Easter Merchandise? Wal-mart has You Covered!

Wal-mart has a super large assortment of Easter items in 2019, but they also have specific merchandise that will delight Disney fans of all ages.

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Jewelry Bargains Found in the Disney Parks Collection by Rebecca Hook


Let’s talk a little bit about souvenir shopping. The word “bargain” is really a relative term; what you call a bargain, I may call insanely expensive. While jewelry may not generally be regarded as cheap, I really believe it’s one of the best souvenirs you can bring home from a Disney vacation. You’re buying a quality item, often produced using high-class metals like sterling silver and gold, which can last for generations if you take proper care.

Most of these styles are no longer for sale in 2019, but you can get an idea regarding how much you’ll pay for high quality jewelry. And if you are heart broken you will be unable to make a purchase, I would definitely try eBay to see if someone has a gently used version for sale.

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Must Buy Souvenir? Disney Character-themed Beach Towels

Updated for 2017!

My son bought a beach towel years ago on a Disney vacation. I thought he was crazy, and two years after the purchase, he brought it to me, deciding he was too old to use it. Ah, the trials of pre-teen boys. But now I was the owner of a Disney towel, with a cute Mickey Mouse front and center.

I’ve been using it for at least three years now, off and on for special swimming occasions, and it’s still in great shape. The vidid colors have hardly faded, and the towel is still a quality item.

I wouldn’t describe this as a cheap item. Should you purchase a beach towel on your next Orlando vacation?  [Read more…]

The New LEGO Disney World Castle Costs How Much?!

I want the Disney Cinderella Castle

Updated for 2017!

For those who have been searching for years to find THE perfect Disney World vacation souvenir, one amazing item that hit the LEGO store in 2016 is an authentically detailed replica of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort, and the tiny details are amazing.

Disney World Cheapskate Souvenir Picks: Fridge Magnets for Under $20

Let’s be real here; the price is just as amazing as the details. How much will the LEGO Cinderella Castle set you back?! You cheapskates might want to have a seat…

where to buy the Lego Disney World CastleBefore we talk money, let’s talk details.  This LEGO set is appropriate for ages 12 and over, although the box says ages 16+. The Disney Castle measures over 29” high, 17” wide and 12” deep and contains 4,080 LEGO pieces. Highlights include:

  • mosaic-tiled floor
  • suits of armor
  • wall-mounted shields
  • grandfather clock
  • magic carpet
  • ornate chandelier and golden lamp
  • ornate balconies
  • flag-adorned towers
  • soaring golden-spired main tower complete with fireworks function
  • chest with book of spells
  • mop and bucket
  • a spinning wheel
  • a chest containing brush, scissors and lock of black hair
  • a golden mirror, plus red apple and glass vase

Disney Cinderella Castle cost of the Lego Disney World castle

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Five mini-figures are included:

  • Mickey Mouse with a tuxedo
  • Minnie Mouse with red dress
  • Donald Duck with classic outfit
  • Daisy Duck with pink skirt, lavender colored shoes and a bow
  • Tinker Bell with wig, skirt, wings and a magic wand

Mickey Minnie Mouse Lego Disney Castle

Disney Castle for Lego fans

Both the main four-story building and the five-story, golden-spired main tower contain rooms with assorted Disney-inspired features and elements.

purchase the Lego Disney Castle

LEGO Disney Castle

build the Lego Disney World Castle

Disney fans, to aid with this purchase, it may be time to sell your Dooney & Bourke purse on eBay or sell your beloved Arribas Brothers princess crown to your neighbor.

The price is $349.99 before tax.

Or maybe it’s time to write Santa a letter and tell him you just have one simple item on your list. Better yet, just forward him this article.

20 Cheapskate Tips for Souvenirs and Activities at Disney World: How to Save Money!!

Shipping will not be an issue for you at this price.

LEGO Free Shipping

Another bonus about LEGO is their rewards program. You could earn $15 in VIP rewards by purchasing this set.


And there are several ways to become a LEGO VIP.

Instructions to become a LEGO VIP

You can use this link for more information.

So will you buy another handbag this year or clean off space in the dining room to display your mini home away from home?

Decisions, Deci$ion$…

Thanks for stopping by, and maybe we’ll see you opening up that big box, a big smile on your face?

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Top 5 Souvenir Shops at Walt Disney World

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Disney vacation souvenirs are expensive, but do you always have to pay retail?

We have some tips on saving money for your next Disney vacation, plus ideas on how to save money on souvenirs and activities. So put your Visa card away, hide your checkbook, and let’s see how the cheapskates do Disney!

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Disney for Le$$: $8.95 Hand Sanitizers

best Disney vacation souvenirs

Updated for 2016!

I touch everything on vacation. How better to totally immerse yourself in the experience than by getting your hands a little dirty? The problem with dirty vacation hands is that they harbor nasty germs and viruses. And if you’ve ever traveled with children, you know those touch-feely hands will wind up in their mouths at some point during the day. We have always recommended packing and using hand sanitizer in case you can’t get to a sink to wash your hands with soap. 

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 Decorative Disney-themed hand sanitizers are now for sale in the parks and resorts, and they are really adorable. 

cheap Disney World Disneyland souvenirs hand sanitizers

What do you get?

Each hand sanitizer comes with a specially designed one fluid ounce bottle and a key chain split ring with lobster claw clasp.

About 20 hand sanitizers will feature popular Disney characters and iconic locations including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Anna, Elsa, Sleeping Beauty Castle and Cinderella Castle.

The cost?

Hand sanitizers retail for $8.95 not including tax.

Disney parks hand sanitizers

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Right now, refill bottles will not be offered. As if they read my cheapskate mind, Steven Miller, Disney Merchandise Communications Manager, said, “yet you can refill the bottle with your favorite hand sanitizer once empty.” Hello half used bottles of Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers, I’ll be coming to find you and put you to good use, only this time better dressed. 

The Fine Print

The Disney Parks Blog offered a reminder, “Please note that retails are subject to change without notice.” I took this to mean if they are über popular, the price may go up, which can happen with any product, and there is no guarantee they will be available for any certain amount of time.  

Why Purchase?

Disney merchandise is expensive, and priced at $8.95 including the actual sanitizer, that’s on par with one of my other favorite and  less expensive souvenirs, key chains. These would be great stocking stuffers come Christmas time, excellent souvenirs for neighbors and friends, and a somewhat inexpensive way for you to hold onto that Disney magic after your vacation.

Did I forget hand sanitizer can help prevent you and the kids from getting sick, which can keep your vacation on track?  You pay a lot for vacations, so that may be the best reason of all. 

Disney Star Wars hand Sanitizers souvenirs

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Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you touching the stone walls in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and then passing out the hand sanitizer. 

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