Fabulous Photo Edits Using the FREE Prisma Cell Phone App

Updated for 2017!

Recently we discovered a fabulous FREE app for your cell phone that can add amazing effects to your Disney (and really any other) photos. [Read more…]

Vintage Disney World Photos – Take a FREE Mental Vacation Back in Time!

where to find vintage Disney photos

Updated for 2017!

I have a soft spot for vintage Disney World photos. I visited Orlando as a child in the 70s with my family, but I only have the vaguest memories of that time, usually prompted by the couple of family photos that remain. I have some spotty memories of Polynesian hot dogs and a two-story Epcot gift shop. I think as I age, it’s even more fun to look at old photos.

I thought I would gather some pictures in one place with some informational tid-bits, kind of like a mental vacation in a time machine, and those mental vacations are free! My information came from that great source of internet knowledge, Wikipedia, so we’ll have to hope they were historically accurate! [Read more…]