How to See Disney Movies for Way Cheaper than Paying Retail!

Disney Word movie theater

Any other Disney movie fans out there? I got tired of paying retail for movies in a theater, and this month, eight movies have cost me $21.00. How did I do it? [Read more…]

Disney Movies: Is a Trip to the Movie Theater Draining Your Vacation Fund?


Disney AMC movie theater

Before our last Disney vacation, our family made plans to see a movie in an actual movie in Orlando. My sons had been asking to see Wreck It Ralph, and I had really wanted to tour the inside of the Downtown Disney AMC Movie Theater 24. So while lots of people were riding Space Mountain and Tower of Terror,  we purposely used up a couple of hours of vacation time to sit inside in a theater. In case you have never been inside, all the photos you see are of the inside of the Downtown Disney theater. We have a movie theater in our small coastal Alabama town, but it lacks that element of Disney entertainment.  With all the upgraded food and drink choices that our local movie theater does not offer, I honestly can’t wait to go back. [Read more…]