Love Disney Inspired Jewelry? Head to Etsy!

where to find Disney jewelry on Etsy

I’ve seen a lot of Disney World jewelry in my time, so I just love to find something out of the ordinary. Put new Disney inspired jewelry together with a less expensive than retail price, and that’s a cheapskate dream come true! I’m all about finding some deals on eBay, but what I seem to locate there is almost always used Disney jewelry or antiques. So I spent a late Saturday night window shopping around Etsy, and you won’t believe the amazing Disney inspired jewelry that can be yours for under $30.

That price is a deal in my book, plus you may be the only princess on your block sporting these amazing jewelry designs, until your friends find out where you got it. Check out what I found for your Disney princess.

Sparkling New Disney Pandora Jewelry is Almost Here!

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Make Your Own Disney Inspired Picture Frames for Super Cheap!

Mickey Mouse picture frame craft copy

Updated for 2018!

I sure love Disney them park picture frames, but I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t purchase many because they are all priced over $20, and if memory serves, some float up into the $40 range. That’s really not a tremendous amount of money to pay for a souvenir, especially in a fantasyland of gifts that can leap into the thousands, but I’m always on the lookout for a cheaper alternative. [Read more…]