20 Cheapskate Tips for Souvenirs and Activities at Disney World: How to Save Money!!

cheapskate tips for souvenirs and activities at Disney World

Updated for 2017!

Disney vacation souvenirs…I really dream about them at night after we get back from vacations. If I bought everything I wanted when cruising isles in the Disney gift shops, I would spend more on t-shirts and jewelry than I spent on our resort room. One of my best pieces of advice is for people making vacation budgets is to add more to the amount set aside for souvenirs. Kids and adults alike will easily overspend, and it’s too easy to do because all their merchandise is so enticing. Souvenirs are expensive at Disney, so where will you get the money? And do you always have to pay retail?

We have some tips on saving money for your actual trip, plus ideas on how to save money on souvenirs and activities for your next Disney World vacation. So put your Visa card away, hide your checkbook, and let’s see how the cheapskates do Disney!

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