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You will find yourself listening to other people’s conversations when you vacation at Disney World. It’s not that you’re being nosy or intrusive. There are so many people waiting in lines or riding transportation in such close proximity to each other, it’s almost impossible not to overhear what other people say. I overheard this on a monorail, “Look, Lauren, that little girl has three Mickey balloons. Her parents must love her a whole lot!” Those price-checking parents that know Mickey balloons cost nearly $20 each would get the joke. Poor ballon-less Lauren didn’t seem so amused, but I sure grinned!

We asked our Cheapskate Princess Facebook fans to tell us something they overheard in the parks, and I picked out all the quotes that made me laugh. Vacations can be stressful, and I am not sure you can over-value a good laugh these days. So sit back and laugh along with us…

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Disney World balloons

Samantha  My son was on the monorail sitting next to a woman.  He then got up, and we all overheard him saying, “She smells like farts!” Oh my God, the embarrassment. He was three, by the way. 

Joe On Main Street I heard a friend muttering, “I’m at the happiest place on earth, but I am not happy.” This was due to him fighting with his wife before arriving at the park for the day. In response, I said “SHUTUP!”

Erika  I was chatting with some kids on the monorail, and a younger sibling shouted across the car, “Stop talking to that old lady!” I am just 33!

Kimmy  From a little boy exiting the Haunted Mansion, “Mommy, why were the heads disappearing from all those pictures?” Mom, “Because it’s showing all her friends in those pictures had died.” Reply from the boy, “Wait, but when Gramdpa died, you could still see HIS head in our pictures.”  Mom “That’s because he didn’t die here.” When I heard this, I was like WHAAAAT?!??”

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funny things you hear at Walt Disney World

Jill  We rode the monorail through ALL the resorts with a three-year-old named Hailey. How do we know her name was Hailey? ‘Cause we heard, “Hailey STOP” “Hailey come back” “Hailey, the doors are going to close on you” “Hailey, please stop crying.”  We laughed and rolled our eyes, but three years later we now have a “Hailey” named Addison who is just as bad.

Clarinda From my own kid, “I just wanna go to bed.

Don Overheard on Splash Mountain, “Is that some kind of word: Brer?”

Sara  Overheard on the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, “Yeah, it was a real family who got in a plane crash and landed on a desert island!

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Alicia  In the Magic Kingdom, there was a child who was crying and throwing a fit. The father yelled at the child saying, “I spent thousands of dollars to bring you to the Happiest Place on Earth! NOW YOU’RE GONNA BE HAPPY!!!” We still laugh about that ’til this day.

Cheryl  We got off Tower of Terror, and there was a girl about eight crying hysterically. Both parents were on each side of her smiling with the camera doing a selfie. Mom said, “Say Tower of Terror” right before they took the picture. This was so funny!

Susie Overheard from my 4-year-old son on the monorail. It was the first time we stayed with the kids at the Contemporary Resort. He asked some people getting off at the Polynesian Resort if they were staying there. They responded that they were not; they were just having dinner there and were actually staying at Pop Century. He replied, “Next time you need to stay at a monorail hotel. It is sooooo worth the money!”

Jessica  Overheard a parent tell their small child, “It’s not about YOU” while at Magic Kingdom. My husband and I laughed and kept saying that the rest of our trip!

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Dapper Dans at Disney World

And Our Funniest Quote for the month, an award given by me to whomever made me laugh the most, for June goes to Deann.

Deann  Overheard on the train during the taping of the Christmas Day parade, “Hey honey, I heard that Regis AND Philbin are here!” 

Sometime you just gotta laugh!

A big thanks to all our Cheapskate Princess Facebook fans for posting their quotes. Stop by one day and see what we’re up to on Facebook. If you have a funny quote, leave it in the comments, and we’ll add it in to our July edition. Be sure to leave your name, and we’ll make you almost famous!

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