Fun Facts about Disney World Christmas Decorations

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Updated for 2017!

The cost of spending Christmas Holidays at Walt Disney World are, if not THE highest, among the highest rates you will pay to stay in Orlando all year-long. Even the off-property hotels charge more this time of year. School will be out, which means so many people will haul the family off to Disney that entire theme parks will close their gates as they reach capacity. So you pay more money for accommodations, stand in longer lines with tons of people, and stress yourself out during your time off from work just to get your Disney fix. Only a true Disney fan would understand this mentality.

Because Christmas at Walt Disney World is like no other place on earth. [Read more…]

Walt Disney World in the Fall: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

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Updated for 2017!

When school starts back each fall, temperatures slowly dip back below 90 degrees in the deep south. Add in football games plus  marching bands, and even if not many tree colors are changing, you have yourself the season known as fall. Is now the time for you to load up the family and head to Orlando for a vacation? We asked our Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans what they thought about visiting Disney World in the fall.

Here are eight reasons why you should pick a resort, grab your Mickey Mouse ears hat, and head off to the Magic Kingdom. [Read more…]