Jewelry Bargains Found in the Disney Parks Collection by Rebecca Hook


Let’s talk a little bit about souvenir shopping. The word “bargain” is really a relative term; what you call a bargain, I may call insanely expensive. While jewelry may not generally be regarded as cheap, I really believe it’s one of the best souvenirs you can bring home from a Disney vacation. You’re buying a quality item, often produced using high-class metals like sterling silver and gold, which can last for generations if you take proper care.

See, this $4,000 diamond necklace could be the un-doing of someone’s vacation budget…

expensive Disney World jewelry

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There’s a new jewelry designer on the Disney scene, with her creations selling in both park and resort gift shops as well as at, for those days when your post-vacation depression leads to a little online shopping. Priced under $150, with many pieces under $100, the cost of her jewelry didn’t cause my Visa card to scream in panic. I therefore call that a bargain, based on prices for other jewelry items (see pic. above) and Disney souvenir costs in general.

Her name is Rebecca Hook, and her designs are understated yet beautiful, with prices that even a cheapskate can afford.

The pictures alone will sell the product…
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Disney’s Charmed in the Park Jewelry: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

prices for Charmed in teh Parks Disney exclusive jewelry

Updated for 2018!

So Pandora’s Disney inspired jewelry feels a little out of your price range? Perhaps a LOT out of your budget? With Disney Pandora charms retailing from $35 to $95, it’s easy to see why. Does your daughter want a charm bracelet, but you aren’t ready to sink a lot of money into her collection? Well, what you need is some charm from the parks!

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Who Makes Disney World Jewelry Under $40? Alex and Ani!

Where to buy Alex and Ani at Walt Disney World

I’ve looked at a lot of Disney jewelry through the years, dating all the way back to the late 1970 when I barely had any money to spend. Now that I am an adult (my family would dispute this description at times) with a job and my own Disney Visa card, I still really love looking at the colorful Mickey-themed jewelry throughout the parks and resorts. And like the Dooney & Bourke purses, expensive watches, and sparkling 14k gold rings, almost all of the jewelry remains on the shelf at the end of my vacation. Adults have monthly car insurance and teen braces bills to pay, after all.

So it was a real treat to find these bracelets at Disney World by a company called Alex and Ani, which have that adorable Disney jewelry charm but won’t wreck your budget. Alex and Ani products are “infused with positive energy.” The ancients referred to this precious energy as chi and prana, while modern science simply calls “vital force.” Alex and Ani believe positive energy is the natural energy that supports life.

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Alex and Ani Disney energy bracelets

So if Alex and Ani embrace the power of positive energy as their core company belief, how exactly do you infuse each product with positive energy? Their website explains three ways.

  1. All their products are manufactured, and infused, with positive intention in carefully selected American factories.

  2. The symbols featured on their designs carry their own energy; they are accompanied by thoughtfully crafted and meticulously researched meaning.

  3. Each design is positively intended to empower the wearer and reflect the unique qualities of the individual.

Some Alex and Ani pieces carry sentimental meaning, while others are talismans of protection, power, or intention.  Customers can mix symbolic pieces with your own alchemy (isn’t that a fabulously Disney word to associate with jewelry?!) to make Alex and Ani jewelry completely and uniquely yours.

Disney World Pressed Penny Jewelry Fit for a Disney Princess!

So let’s get to some of their designs, which are found at Walt Disney World and also on the Disney  We’ve provided links in case you can’t wait until your next trip to make a purchase. Priced under $40 before shipping, they would make fabulous pre-trip gifts or really gifts for all occasions for the Disney jewelry lovers in your life.

+) Energy

You can embrace the power of positivity with this Mickey Mouse Icon and Initial Bangle Bracelet in Gold.  This brass bracelet with Rafaelian Gold finish has Mickey’s icon plus your favorite letter of the alphabet on an antiqued bas relief charm.  Click here for the link on the  The price?  Just 31.95 before tax.

Alex and Ani Disney initial bracelet

(+) Energy

You will embrace the power of positivity with this Cinderella Castle Bangle.  The Walt Disney World dangles from a brass bracelet with Rafaelian Gold finish, producing a stylish souvenir of your visit to the Magic Kingdom.  Click here for the link on the  The price?  Just $39.95 before tax.

Alex and Ani Walt Disney World bangle bracelet

Scroll call

A filigree design is etched into the Mickey Mouse Finigree Bangle in Gold.  The icon charm brings positive energy to this Rafaelian Gold finish Bangle. Designed to ”enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit,” this bracelet features a sliding mechanism for a perfect fit. Click here for the link on the The price? Just $39.95 before tax and shipping.

Alex and Ani Mickey Mouse Filigree bangle bracelet

Birthday girl

It’s time to celebrate your birth month in sparkling style with  a Mickey Mouse Birthstone Bangle in Gold. Designed to provide positive energy, this shiny bangle features a Mickey icon, birthstone, and sliding mechanism for a perfect fit. Click here for the link on the The price? Just $31.95 before tax and shipping.

Mickey Mouse Disney Princess birthday bracelet

+) Energy

This Charm Bracelet has lots of Mickey character. “Infused with the power of positive energy,” the Rafaelian Silver Mickey Mouse Bangle bracelet features a larger Mickey’s smiling face and four smaller charms.  Click here for the link on the The price? Just $39.95 before tax and shipping.

Alex and Ani Mickey Mpouse icon bangle bracelet

Circle of life

Enjoy a spot of positive energy courtesy of this Minnie Mouse Bangle. Designed to ”enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit,” this bracelet features a Rafaelian Silver finish and sliding mechanism for a perfect fit. Click here for the link on the The price? Just $39.95 before tax and shipping.

Alex and Ani Minnie Mouse bangle bracelet

Charmed life

A cloisonné charm with his iconic ear hat brings positive energy to this Shiny Silver finish Bangle. Designed to ”enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit,” it features a sliding mechanism for a perfect fit. Click here for the link on the The price? Just $39.95 before tax and shipping.

Mickey Mouse Disney cloisonné charm

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These are more photos of the jewelry listed above, where you can see more details of their outstanding craftsmanship.

Alex and Ani bangle bracelets

Disney World Alex and Ani bracelets

Walt Disney World silver bracelet

Disney World birth stone bracelet

Alex and Ani Disney positive energy

I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the Disney Store (links to each piece are above) prices were far lower than eBay prices are right now. There seem to be no real bargains on purchasing from eBay, with prices for the same pieces ranging from $59.95 to $65.95 before shipping.

Alex and Ani jewelry on eBay

You can also visit Alex and to see more of their jewelry designs. It’s hard to resist the idea of products created with positive energy right here in the United States. We could all use a little more positiveness in our lives.

And of course, we could all use a little more Disney as well!


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