What Can Make You Sick in a Disney World Hotel Room?

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Updated for 2018!

With the occupancy rate sky high these days in Disney Resort hotels, people are in and out of those rooms like you wouldn’t believe. Chances are, they brought with them as many germs as they did items of luggage. How can you protect yourself and your family from bringing home a cold or the flu?

There will be places in every hotel room, probably like in your own home, that collect more germs and bacteria than other areas.

what is dirty in a hotel room

Pack disinfectant wipes in your suitcase for many of these areas.

Deadbolts and Door Handles

Anti-bacterial wipe these down front and back shortly after you set your luggage in the room. They’ve been touched constantly by the last occupants and Cast Members cleaning the room or doing maintenance. In December of 2017, Disney began requiring that a Disney employee enter every hotel room at least once a day in its three main hotels that lie along the monorail at the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando. This policy will probably be spread to other resorts. That’s one more set of hands touching the doors every day.

Room Phone

Hotel phones are sometimes necessary but probably yuk. We all have cell phones these days, but guests will use the room phone to call the front desk, housekeeping, and room service. Kids pick up the phone as if it was a toy.

Often with three times as much bacteria as other spots in the room, you want to anti-bacterial wipe the phone down first thing.

Remote Control

Television remote controls have been called the singe dirtiest thing in hotel rooms. In some tests, remote controls were harboring colonies of E. coli, which typically comes from fecal contamination. Anti-bacterial wipe the remote down immediately before the kids pick it up to turn on the Disney Channel.

Light Switches

When my children were younger, these were often switched off and on like a toy. Even if no one is playing with the switch, you’ll turn it off an up upwards of 10 times a day? Anti-bacterial wipe these down immediately. This includes not just the wall switches but the switches on the lamps by the bed.

Hotel Information/Menu Folder

Folders and pamphlets are typically found in hotel rooms, providing information and germs for lack of cleaning or replacing. Anti-bacterial wipe the folders down before the kids start picking our room service.


Use these at your discretion.

Drinking Glasses

Some Disney rooms will come with glass drinking cups, while others will have paper cups wrapped in plastic.  Glass should be cleaned in a dishwasher and sterilized, but this is not always the case. If they don’t get replaced, they may just be wiped down.

Coffee Pots

While that little coffee pot looks like it’s going to start your mornings off right, many are germy. If it hasn’t been given a proper cleaning, it can harbor bacteria.


Even if they were washed prior to use, pillowcases can get dirty during the process of changing a bed. Sometimes clean pillowcases ate set down on adjacent furniture or even the floor. Chairs and carpet are typically not deep cleaned very often. What  results is skin cells, hair or other things left behind can get transferred onto the clean pillow before it’s put back on the bed. If you want a truly good night’s sleep, think about bringing your own pillowcases.


I’m not hauling in bedspreads to a hotel room, but you know, when was the last time it was cleaned? We all know looks can be deceiving when it comes to germs.

Can you just imagine all the germs little hands would spread in this Animal Kingdom resort room?

You can’t wipe down everything, so frequent hand washing and germ-X are also helpful tools in your journey to arrive home end-of-vacation depressed but not sick.

I’ve read trip reports by moms who walked into their hotel rooms and wiped every surface they could reach down. In general, Disney World has some of the cleanest hotel rooms around, but surfaces and items can be missed in the rush to turn over the hotel room.

One other problem that occurs in hotel rooms are bedbugs (YUK!) Read this article for tons of information on how to not bring home bedbugs as a souvenir:

How to Avoid (YUK!) Bedbugs at Walt Disney World



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