Sterling Silver Disney Themed Jewelry at Target for Under $30

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Disney gift shops are swamped these days with high-end super expensive items. There are $350 Dooney & Bourke handbags, $150 Rebecca Hook jewelry, plus good Lord the pricey PANDORA items are endless, but it’s tough to find souvenirs you would think of as a bargain. Sorry to break it to you, but there are very few true bargains at Disney World.

But have you been in Target lately? We have located some adorable jewelry finds for you, guaranteed to fit within any vacation or monthly budget without causing emotional or financial hardships.

Leave your Visa card in your wallet and lets’s do some window shopping!

Next time you pop in Target for some toilette paper and back to school supplies, swing by the jewelry section first. Or last, whatever works. While the quality of this sterling silver jewelry for sale in stores right now are not what you get in the Disney parks, they are priced a very reasonable $19.99 to $29.99.

That makes them perfect for a gift or just a little happy pick-me up for you or a loved one.

Our Target store in Gulf Shores, Alabama, has two displays set up. It’s the same items, but some you could touch and some your couldn’t.

Amazing Disney World Souvenir Extravagances: Rebecca Hook Jewelry

They’ve got sterling silver earrings…

There’s the Mickey and Minnie themed necklaces…

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Frozen is just as popular as ever…

Until now, I bet you didn’t know you could actually wear magical snow. And here it is!

There’s a general assortment of princess and icon necklaces…

Check Out the New Disney & Bourke Tinker Bell Handbags!

That’s a lot of items for under $30 each, and you can also find fine jewelry at

Again, as you can probably tell by the pictures, and especially if you have ever bought any $100+ sterling silver items from the Disney theme parks and, these are not the quality of items you receive when you make a purchase in a Disney gift shop.

But you’ll pay a fraction of the cost.

Your six-year-old niece may not need a $100 necklace for her birthday. Your ten-year-old daughter may not love Frozen in a few years, so $19.99 may be just enough of an investment at this point. You may just want to wear some Magical snow to the next PTA meeting.

And just think. When your kids outgrow their childhood Disney items, you can always be waiting in the wings to take care of their stuff for them. These are one size fits all.

If you decide you want to share, $19.99 split two ways is just $10 each, which is even cheaper.

Ready to do some jewelry shopping?! Be sure to pick up some milk while you’re there, in case anyone needs to know why you suddenly needed to go to Target.

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