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Showcase of Citrus is a family owned and operated estate which cultivates citrus and cattle on 2500 acres just outside of Orlando in a city called Clermont. There’s enough activities to keep you busy for a nice morning or afternoon visit.

Open every single day of the year, you might actually see the family working together on the grounds around the estate. They have a lot of activities to offer families.

One of their most popular activities is to pick your own seasonal fruit, including oranges and blueberries. The estate cultivates over 50 varieties of citrus.

pick your own blueberries at Showcase of Citrus

Pick your own fruit from blueberry bushes.

orange tree groves at Showcase of Citrus

Old Time Country Store

The Showcase of Citrus is world famous for their 100% natural orange juice slushy and a Creamsicle drink. They offer a variety of products for purchase in their Old Time Country Store:

  • hand crafted jams
  • jellies
  • hot sauces
  • BBQ sauces
  • fruit based salsas
  • dressings
  • tropical fruit wines
  • soaps

Country Store at Showcase of Citrusstore at the showcase of Citrus

Aligator statues for pictures at Showcase of Citrus

It’s hot in Florida, so you’ll appreciate their ample seating in the shade.

Monster Truck Tours at Showcase of Citrus

Our group came to Showcase of Citrus specifically to take a monster truck tour.

While aboard the almost hour long truck ride, you’ll journey through native woodlands and pastures, grove land, and swamps, while also learning some of the estate’s history and interesting Florida facts.

World's Largest 4x4 truck sign

Monster Truck ride at Showcase of Citrus

World's Largest Monster Truck passengers

monster truck ranch tour at Showcase of Citrus

Showcase of Citrus monster trucklarge group on tour at Showcase of Citrus

Because we preplanned and arranged for a large group, we were given a discounted rate. You can make same day or future reservations by calling the Showcase Crew at 352-394-4377. My personal cost was just $13.50 for the truck ride, which compared to Disney prices is a real bargain.

huge tour group at Showcase of Citrus

In addition to seeing animals on the monster truck ride, you can visit farm animals including chickens, goats, pigs, a miniature horse, kangaroo, donkey, and other friendly critters.

You can purchase animal feed in souvenir containers in the Old Time Country Store.

zebra eating at Showcase of Citrus


alligators at Showcase of Citrus in Clermont


cattle ranch at Showcase of Citrus


If you have no specific topic for your visit, and our group did not, your tour guide will provide a general, educational, and fun experience. They also provide citrus to feed the ranch cattle while on the tour during harvest season. Each truck can accommodate up to 35 guests.

Our tour guide, Martin from Great Britain, was not only very comical but very knowledgable and entertaining. If you call to make reservations for your own private truck tour with a large group, be sure to request Martin by name.


I’m sort of a bathroom snob, so I was delighted with the ladies room found in the Country Store section. It was clean and airconditioned.

ladies restroom at Showcase of Citrus

Looking to save money?

We arrived two hours before our tour started and enjoyed a picnic under a shaded overhang. Bring your own lunch!

The temperature was 82 the day we visited the ranch, which translated into feeling like it was about 92 degrees, so we were thirsty aboard the truck. Food and drinks are also welcome on the monster truck, so for sure, bring drinks for the truck ride!

Almost our whole group purchased something to drink from the country store at the completion of our monster truck tour, so don’t forget your wallet.


Looking for something off the beaten Disney path while you’re in Orlando? Check out the Showcase of Citrus. We really enjoyed riding the World’s largest 4×4 monster truck.


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