Prisma: The Phone App You Need for Your Disney Vacation Photos

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Updated for 2018!

It doesn’t really matter if you are visiting Disney Word or Disneyland; you will take a lot of photos. And if you are like me, preferring to use your cell phone to take pictures rather than tote around a big camera, then your pics are stored on your phone and carried everywhere with you.

If you take more than one trip to the same Disney parks, some of your pictures will inevitably start to look the same. While cool, it’s the same castle. While amazing, it’s the same fireplace chimney in Wilderness Lodge. The same can become boring and sterile after a while, even in a place as astounding as the Disney parks on either coast.

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I just found the solution to boring and hello cool photos; it’s a phone app called Prisma.


USA today said of Prisma, “While many smart phone users have been wandering in search of Pokemon, another app has generated buzz for turning photos into works of art.” You can now use your mobile technology to process photos, bypassing the internet, and with stunning results.

Prima simply transforms your photos, and even videos, into “works of art” in styles similar to the world-famous artists like Van Gogh, Levitan, and Picasso. They also use famous ornaments and patterns, so you can turn your memories into timeless art pieces.

If your photography is so stunning that you already consider them to be works of art, you should go read this article instead about saving money:

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If you take just semi-average pictures like me, then read on!


Download Prisma. Even for computer/cell phone simpletons like myself, this part was easy. Open the app on your phone. Bam, you are ready to go.

You load a picture into the app or take a new picture and then choose some filters.

Here’s my original photo, which was just a keychain I spotted in one of the gift shops.


And the edits…





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Here we have Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuffed dolls, hanging around a gift shop. My original:


The edits:




I like this one best, because it looks like a comic book.


Let’s try the iconic Cinderella Castle, the most photographed building in the world. You probably have 27 of this same type shot in your photo albums.


The edits:





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Some of the most stunning edit effects are with landscape pictures.

My original, a picture of Bay Lake Tower and the Contemporary Resort, was taken on the monorail headed to Magic Kingdom.


The edits, in order of dramatic effect. 





And of course, they can get a little crazy…



Now some people do not like heavily edited photos, my teenage sons being two of them. They don’t like me to mess with the originals. And if that’s you, then carry on with your normal routine. But I have to tell you, I thought this was just one of the most interesting apps. to come my way in a long time. I would like to get a couple of my edits framed to keep at work.

Think of the crafts you could do with these photos. You could make your own coloring books or art projects and more.

If you are ready to walk on the wild art side, then stop what you are doing and go download the app. Send us a message on our Facebook page (use this link here) with your photo edits, and we’ll add one of your favorites into the article.

I used Prisma when it was a free service. Now there is a choice of a monthly or yearly fee.

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Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you taking photos in the Disney parks. I’ll be the one shooting landscapes without a tripod or a wide-angle lens camera.

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