12 Disney Craft Ideas from Pinterest for the Disney Princess on a Budget!

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where to find do it yourself Disney World crafts

Updated for 2017!

It’s expensive to be a Disney Princes, all those ball gowns and tiaras, the upkeep on the castle. What’s an ordinary gal to do if the Fairy Godmother hasn’t dropped a money tree into our back yard if we want to decorate our homes and bodies in cute Disney inspired stuff? We have to get a little crafty, try some DIY/Do It Yourself projects rather than drop a fortune in the Disney Resort gift shops and the Disney Store online. We can head off to our happy place and make some cool stuff.

Cheapskate Princess on Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing place to get ideas for Disney crafts to add a little magic into your own life. There are not a lot of “Disney Princess” crafts a 40-year-old woman could wear, but By searching through Pinterest, you can find some really cute ideas to keep most of your Dough Ray Mi in your Disney Dooney handbag while letting your inner Disney Princess out…

Diznoidtoys.biz has a whole page full of Disney inspired floral arrangements. There are no instructions, as this is a florist, and this may have been a one time design. The site says this item was sold. the description is a 24″ Arrangement of Branched Wreaths with Red Roses Yellow Flowers Babys Breath and Red Beaded Icon Balls.”  To see more floral arrangements and Disney inspired designs, visit their page using this link. 

You don’t need instructions for this simple design. If you use fake/plastic flowers and keep it indoors, you won’t ruin the wreath in the weather, and the dolls will be safe. This would be adorable for the Christmas holidays or for spring with the yellow flowers.

Pinterest Disney designs, Pinterest Disney projects,

Apparently bowcouture.com is not a valid website any longer, but they pinned this photo of totally cool Minnie Mouse inspired flip-flops. While I am not a proponent of wearing Old Navy flips into the parks, due to the crazy miles you  can put in each day, these would be adorable for a Disney water park, the beach, a trip to the mall, or a night on the town.

Depending on the price of the shoes and your ribbon and glue, you could easily throw these together for under $10.

do it yourself Disney crafts, make Disney inspired shoes, cute Minnie Mouse shoes

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The Surburban Mom.com, a crafty mom who lives in Orlando, wrote an article for a Valentine’s Day craft she did with her daughter. They not only used heart-shaped cookie cutters, they threw in a little Disney magic and used a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter. With ulra-cheap ingredients like flour and water, find a cookie cutter and some ribbon, and these could easily cost you under $10. Plus the cookie cutter is reusable year after year.

These would be adorable for a birthday party activity, teacher gifts, decorations for a Christmas tree, an indoor wreath, and imagine how cute these would be with numbers for a vacation count-down!

how to make your own Mickey Mouse Christmas ornaments, Disney crafts,

Use this link to her website, The SurburbanMom.com, for the simple homemade play dough recipe and more fun craft ideas. She had some cute articles on making ribbon wreaths for 4th of July and a How To video on making Minnie Mouse ears on large numbers for kid’s birthday parties.

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Mad in Crafts, with the slogan “Everything Old Can Be New Again” made this simple looking Mickey Mouse wreath with some materials purchased from Dollar Store.  She pinned the materials to the foam wreath, so she said everything could be removed and used again for a different project. If you keep and re-use everything, I’m thinking $5 could complete the whole wreath.  For complete instructions with great step-by-step photos, use this link to Mad in Crafts.com. 

Mickey Mouse decorations, Minnie Mouse decorations

Here’s another darling wreath, that just popped up on Pinterest from an unnamed site/source, that looks simple and easy to do. Balloons are cheap, and besides the inexpensive wreath you’ll need to secure them to, now you just need Minnie and Mickey dolls. Have you seen the cost on those lately? This might be better placed indoors so the dolls don’t ruin.

Mickey and Minnie wreath

Counting down to your next Disney trip?

Willowbeehandmade.com, which no longer has an operating website, has a great wreath-inspired countdown craft with minimal items to purchase, and if you’re already crafting, you may have some of these things lying around anyway. Again, a simple idea most any Disney Princess with a glue gun and yarn could put together.

make a Disney World Count Down, count down to a Disney vacation, Pinterest Disney crafts

Angie Daley, a blogger from angiedaley.wordpress.com, designed and crafted these cuties.  She said she hand painted them and took this picture in the hallway of her home.

It looks like it would only take some basic skills to paint these clay pots, which are inexpensive, as is paint and brushes.  You could easily change the theme with a bow to incorporate some Minnie into your garden as well.

Mickey Mouse flower pots

While every Disney Princess loves jewelry, it’s the Cheapskate Princess that doesn’t want to pay a lot for it. One of the least expensive souvenir items from Disney World are pressed Pennies. Here’s our link to tell you all about what the pressed penny is and how to clean old pennies up shiny and bright.

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You would really have to be a huge Disney fan to decorate your bedroom with a Mouse head, but look at the result! If you don’t think you could pull this off in the master bedroom, imagine how cute this would be in a guest bedroom. You know how your friends and relatives talk about how Disney crazy you are – now is your chance to let them sleep in the middle of your craziness!

decorate a Mickey Mouse room, Mickey Mouse bed

This photo was posted long ago by “jin.jcic.or.jp”, which is not accessible on the Internet any more, but short of getting the Mickey Mouse worked out, the idea certainly isn’t hard. I really wish I had seen something like this when my boys were younger. I’m not sure how the light is rigged up in the back, but this wouldn’t be a necessity.

Coleen stopped by to tell us, “The headboard itself is approx 2″ off the wall secured to a metal or wood base. There are either LED rope lights or fluorescent tube lights behind the Mickey Mouse headboard. I am a contractor who did some repairs for Disney retail stores. I made a replacement frame for a dressing room mirror with the same concept.” So there ya go…

If the Mickey was painted straight on a wall, you could do this for under $7 to $10 for a quart of paint and an inexpensive paint brush.

Want to make your own Disney Princess tiara? This would be a great project for a rainy day, a kid’s play date, or even a lunch date with the girls!

make a Disney Princess tiata

Spoonful.com pinned this cute Belle crown with simple instructions on how to create it with felt and craft bling. Use this link for a crown template you can download for free and instructions. 

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Heather Sitarzewski made this adorable outdoor wreath, featured on her blog hsitarzewski.blogspot.com.

This wreath is on my front door. I’ve attached three grapevine wreaths together and I change out the foliage throughout the year to correspond with the seasons. Christmas being the only exception…I made a Mickey head out of pine wreaths. ”

Mickey Mouse wreath

Stop by hsitarzewski.blogspot.com for a full set of instructions. I really liked the part about changing out the decorations for the changing seasons, which can save you cash. I’m guessing this wreath could cost you between $15 and $20 depending on your decorative touches.

Plan to do one of those girlie Princess runs where everybody dresses up in costumes? How about a Mickey/Minnie Mouse outfit, perfect for toddler to adult sizes?

We’re back to Mad In Crafts.com for this mostly homemade Mickey (could be tweaked for Minnie too) Mouse costume. This would be adorable for the Princess Half Marathon or any of the new targeting-ladies races that are popping up nationwide. Looks like you could just change out the colors to one of the many classic princess dress colors schemes.

Make your-own Minnie-Mouse outfit

For a complete set of instructions, go to Mad in Crafts.com.

Manicures are expensive. If you ever did your own manicure so you could spend the savings on vacation, then you just might be a Cheapskate Princess! There are lots of manicure ideas on Pinterest, like this photos that was pinned with no instructions, but perhaps they aren’t really needed.


Necrophashion.wordpress.com (using the idea that Vintage fashion re-animates the past, and current designers continually breathe new life into long dead styles) used Princess aurora for a Disney inspired manicure.

Disney princess manicure nails

For a complete set of instructions including detailed photos, go to Necrophashion.wordpress.com

This type of manicure could be recreated for any of the Disney Princesses if you have the correct color shades. But doing it yourself will be way less than a manicure in a salon.

Pinterest can be a lot of fun if you are crafty, and it can be a somewhat humorous disaster if you are not. You’ve probably sen photos of the “Pinterest Project vs. What Mine Looked Like” photos. These Disney Princess, with some help from Mickey and Minnie thrown in, Pinterest craft ideas looked simple enough that most of us, with minimal skills, could complete these projects without large expense or headache.

I did a picture frame craft that, in my medium-skills crafting opinion, were easy and turned out great. Check it out!

Make Your Own Disney Inspired Picture Frames for Super Cheap!

fun Disney World themed crafts

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you in the craft section of Wal-mart, fingernail polish in hand!

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