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Can a Cheapskate Princess Afford the Disney Dining Plan?

If you don’t make it to Disney World during the free dining promotions, can a Cheapskate Princess afford to purchase the Disney Dining Plan?

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Should You Bring Your Own Snacks to Disney World to Save Money?

Want to save money on Disney park snacks? Tips so you know what to bring with you! #22 2017

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Beach Princess: Orange Beach’s Caribe Resort Truly Is Like No Other

2015: The Beach Princess – Orange Beach’s Caribe Resort Truly Is Like No Other

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Disney World Food Tip #7: Eat Breakfast Here!

Looking to save money on food at Walt Disney World? Eat this meal here…#21 *2017

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1st Trip to Disney? Avoid These 10 Mistakes!

Planning a Disney trip? Avoid these ten mistakes that can sidetrack your WDW fun. #20 2018

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Cheap Ways to Keep the Disney Magic Going After Your Vacation

Miss Disney already? Here are 3 inexpensive ways to hold on to those Disney vacation memories long after the actual vacation ends.

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The Beach Princess: Enjoying Marriott’s Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama

Where does this Princess go when she needs a great place to catch the fireworks and make some Disney wishes of my own? From behind Cinderella Castle, of course…

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Life Lessons With a Disney Twist: Teach Kids to Be Appreciative

There are life skills you can teach your children before, during, and after you’re on a Disney vacation. Today’s lesson is to be appreciative. #19 2017

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Mickey Mouse: Today’s Modern Symbol of Financial Success

Who is Mickey Mouse? He’s the new symbol of independence and modern financial success. 2017

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Disney World Advanced Dining Reservations: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

Any time you plan to eat at a table service restaurant on the Disney property, be sure to make an “ADR,” otherwise known as an Advanced Dining Reservation. #18 2017

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1st Trip to Disney? Why Hand Sanitizers are a Must Bring

Hand sanitizers = time savers as you make the most of your next Disney vacation. #17 2017

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First Trip to Disney: 10 Reasons to Stay on Property

In most cases, staying off-site costs significantly less money. But should you stay farther away just to save money? #16 2017

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