12 Totally Cool Ideas to Replace Your Usual Disney Character Autograph Books

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ideas for Disney character signatures besides autograph booksUpdated for 2018!

Disney Character autograph books have been around as far back as I can remember. The fun of collecting character signatures, other than the fun of just simply meeting them, is that each character has a distinct signature, so they are very recognizable. And thus collectible.

But what if you already have the standard issue (purchase) Disney autograph book filled up? Do you just buy another one for your next trip?

We asked our  Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans what they took to Disney World besides Disney autograph books. Some of these ideas can be pulled off for cheap, probably less expensive than the actual autograph books. We can always count on our fans for great ideas on making the most of your vacation time and money!

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 1. Picture Frames

Erin, “We did a white picture frame from Hobby Lobby last time we went. We have a nice picture in the middle from our time there and autographs on the side.”

Disney World Character Autograph Picture Frame

2. Picture Frame Mat

Melissa, “Pillowcase and white picture frame mat!”

Rachel“White picture frame mat!

Kiersten, “Yes, we love our white picture frame mat! We had so many people stop us and ask if we bought it at Disney! Make sure it’s a thick frame if you plan on getting many autographs.”

Brea“Photo mats. We love having all the autographs surrounding our favorite family picture.”

Brittany, “I found this idea on Pinterest, and we bought the frames BOGO half-off from Fred Meyer’s. I’ll be putting a family photo in them from the entrance at Disneyland!”  Brittany sent us this photo. 

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Disney World Character Autograph Photo Matte

 3. Mickey Apron & Chef Hat

Lori, “We brought a kid apron and chef hat for the Chef Mickey’s breakfast.”

how to get Disney character autographs, where to get unusual Disney character autographs

4. Post Cards

Jennifer,I picked up postcards one year and the characters signed the back of their postcard. I’ve also printed off pictures at home on photo paper and had the characters sign the back of those. When we got back home I put them in a photo album so that the front and back were see-through, so you could see both the picture and the autograph.”

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Disney Princess post card for autographs

5. Pillow Case

Melissa, “We did a pillowcase this year; it came out awesome.”

Micheal, “Personalized Pillowcases! I ordered some very cheaply that have my daughters names, a Mickey head, and the year of our trip. We plan on using a sharpie to have all of our favorite characters sign. Voila! Instant usable keepsake!”

Disney Pillow case for Character autographs

6. Large Vinylmation

Victoria, “My daughter has a nine-inch pink Vinylmation that is signed. She also had a cast on her wrist one visit that was signed (that I don’t recommend!)”

Missy, “A 9-inch Vinyl, definitely. My sister,Victoria, and I sent each of our kiddos with one on their trip with their grandparents. Very cool, especially the glow-in-the-dark one!”

Mayra, “On my next trip I’m taking a 9 inch white Vinylmation with different colored sharpies.”

*2017 note: Although you don’t see as many Vinylmations at Disney now, you can still occasionally find them on eBay.

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Vinylmation for Disney Character autographs

7. Backpack

Michelle, “We have done a backpack with Mickey applique and only have Mickey sign it. We have done children’s story books and calendars. Love all of them!”

Stephanie, “My kids had string bags signed. I made them for them. The bags were a basic beige canvas and had their names with the year and ‘Disney” written on them in the Disney font. They were able to carry what they wanted around the parks and then get the bags signed. They were a big hit!


8. Disney Character Book

Molly, “We bought a Disney encyclopedia of characters book and had each characters sign on their page. Many of the characters know the page they were on.”

Lindsay, “We buy the little books from the dollar store. They quite often have each princess and lots of character stories.”

Jennifer, “Coloring books and story books. I brought the A.A. Milne books to the Pooh Character Meal.”

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Disney books for character autographs

9. Posters

Kim, “I bought a small princess poster that all the princesses signed and we have hanging in my daughter’s room.”

Disney character poster for autographs

10. Christmas Ornaments

Lindsay,We have bought Christmas ball ornaments from the Dollar Store or Wal-mart in the most relevant color and brought them for the characters to sign.”


 11. Disney Princess Dolls

Lindsay, “We also have some of the Barbie-style Disney Princesses still in the box signed for displaying in the house and in bedrooms. These also make great gifts to send to children’s hospitals.”

Disney princess dolls for autographs

12. T-shirts

Georgia, “I’m taking a t-shirt with us on our next trip. I’m also going to take one of those hoops craft things to make sure the material is stretched tight. My 6-year-old daughter thought a t-shirt would be fun to wear at home.”

*Remember with shirts, they ask that you are not wearing them when the characters sign them.  

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Disney characters sign a t-shirt

So if you’ve been there and done that with the usual Disney Character autograph books, why not try something a little unusual on your next vacation?

Given how many traditional autograph books the characters sign each day, handing them something different just might earn your child a little extra attention. Creating memories with those extra seconds or minutes could be priceless…

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you standing in line for a character, something unusual in hand to sign…

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Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess


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