Orlando’s Mall at Millennia: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

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Mall at Millenia

Updated for 2017!

Why in the “Disney World” would you ever waste your time going to a mall when you are in Orlando?

For those of you who swear you will never leave Disney property while on vacation, don’t lose interest yet. Stay with me until I can make my money-free sales pitch, or you can look at all the photos, whichever happens first.

I live in a town that has an outlet mall, a 120 store Tanger Outlet Mall at that, and I can be shopping in just a 10 minute drive from my house, four minutes away from work. So given my daily-if-chosen access to a mall, I should be the very last person to tell you to go shopping on vacation. This should be especially true in Orlando, considering what you are paying for Disney tickets, accommodations and food. But that’s exactly what I am going to tell you to do. Go to the mall while you’re in Orlando. Not just any mall, but this mall…

Ever heard of the Mall of Millennia? I had not before last year. My husband teaches high school band. He organized a trip for 300 members of the marching band to visit this mall in Orlando while they were there to play at Opening Ceremonies of the Daytona 500. While you would think that high school age students residing in a town with an outlet mall could care less, they raved about how awesome this place was and how they had seen tons of stores they didn’t know existed.

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I know there are many people who arrive on Disney property and never leave until they return home. I myself have done that, except to drive off property to a grocery store. Having sat in a hammock at the Polynesian Resort Beach, watching the sun go down before I headed back over to Magic Kingdom, I totally understand this way of thinking.

But what if you have time to spend in Orlando with no park tickets?  Despite how vacationers flock to Disney to see the Mouse and go to Universal to fly with Harry Potter, many people actually visit Orlando with no plans to do any theme parks. I know, I once thought this was a crazy rumor too. Then my family spent three days in Orlando during Spring Break, right after our annual passes expired. I then became one of those people vacationing in Orlando with no theme park ticket in sight. I survived, and honestly, and we had a blast.

Rolex, Rolex Store, Orlando Rolex store

I’ll get back to what we did for three days with no theme park tickets later..

Sure park tickets are great, but life goes on outside the Main Entrance Gate. What if you have been to the parks so much, despite what people say about Disney parks or bust, you are looking for something different? What if you, Disney Princess,  just like to shop?!

Well, window shopping can be fun in a place like The Mall at Millennia, and it also happens to be free.

Gotta love free…

The Mall at Millenia is owned and managed by The Forbes Company, a nationally recognized manager, owner, and developer of distinctive regional shopping centers. They are known for creating landmark retail properties designed with dramatic architecture. The Forbes Company shopping developments offer environments that attract internationally recognized anchor stores with a mix of world-renowned luxury merchants and nationally successful restaurants. I personally didn’t recognize all the names of mall stores, but I recognized most of them, especially the more famous brand names, even if I had certainly never shopped there, except perhaps on eBay at an unofficial store.

The Mall at Millenia offers an extraordinary experience, with visitors from every corner of the globe adding world-class shopping to their bucket list of Orlando attractions.  A dazzling selection of international stores makes The Mall at Millenia an essential shopping destination.  I’ve been to a lot of malls in my time, done a lot of shopping in various locations through the years, and nothing prepared me for the stores and the “beauty” of this mall. To describe it like a teenager, this place is off the hook!

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Vera Bradley Store, Vera Bradley Orlando, shopping in Orlando

Vera Bradley Store, Mall at Millenia, Orlando

The Mall at Millenia website declares exemplary service as their priority.  This mall offers a U.S. Post Office, valet parking and a full-service concierge offering an array of superior amenities. Their friendly staff can assist you with gift card purchases, complimentary wheelchairs and strollers, and provide information on any of their 150 + plus stores and restaurants.

What falls under the description of exemplary service?

  • Mall Gift Cards
  • Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Multi-lingual staff
  • Automated Teller Machines
  • Complimentary Strollers and Wheelchairs
  • Attraction Tickets
  • Complimentary Cell Phone Charging Station
  • A full-service U.S. Post Office is located on the lower level near Banana Republic. Open Monday through Friday 10am – 5pm and Saturday 10am – 1pm.Valet Service is available at the Center’s Main Entrance during all mall hours.  Valet service is also available at Blue Martini from 5pm to 2am every day except Tuesday and Sunday.
  • Lost and Found items lost or found throughout the Mall are handled by the Security Department.  Please call 407-363-3555 and press 1 to speak to a security representative.  If the item was left in a particular store, they recommend contacting that store directly. They will be happy to assist as needed.
  • A Cell Phone Charging Station is located on Level 2 near the food court restrooms for your convenience.  The complimentary station will provide a quick charge to many popular brands of cell phones.

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Louis Vuitton Orlando

This is my list of some of the stores I thought were “cool,” whether it was because the name was cool, the product was cool, or it just seemed like a cool place to do some window shopping. If you are a cheapskate like me, you’ll soon realize why I did very little real shopping, although we did purchase a few items at some  of the less expensive stores.

Apple                                                               Bloomingdale’s

Brighton Collectibles                                 Brookstone

Burberry                                                         Chanel

David Yurman                                              Godiva Chocolatier

Gucci                                                                Jimmy Choo

kate spade new york                                   Louis Vuitton

Macy’s                                                              Neiman Marcus

Pandora                                                          Prada

Rolex                                                               Swarovki

The Cheesecake Factory                           Tiffany & Co.

Vera Bradley                                                Williams-Sonoma

My list of my favorites is just a fraction of the stores. To see the full list, use this link. 

Tiffany & Co., Tiffany &Co. in Orlando, Tiffany & Co. Millineal Mall

Free Mall Perks

If you need to check your email while travelling, or want to send a ‘wish you were here’ message, visit the Apple store.

The Mall offers free WIFI service in the Grand Court and the Food Court. If you need to charge your phone, stop by the cell phone charging station located near the upper level restrooms, off of the food court.

Complimentary strollers and wheelchairs are available.

Special Services Available at the Mall

Need to mail a letter?  Visit The Mall at Millenia’s full service United States Post Office for international and domestic mail services including stamps, express mail and priority mail.

Dead watch battery? Visit Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair for quick jewelry fixes on site.

Need money for or from another country? Currency Exchange International, located at The Mall at Millenia Concierge, buys and sells foreign currency from over 80 different countries.

Need to cash traveler’s checks? Visit the Currency Exchange International located at The Mall at Millenia Concierge.

Luggage damaged? If travelling has been unkind to your luggage and it’s in need of repair, Bag n’ Baggage can repair your luggage in a few days time.

Need an outfit altered for the same day? Many stores can provide same day or next day alterations. Inquire in-store to take advantage of this service.

Broken or lost glasses? LensCrafters can provide a quick turnaround on glasses or sunglasses in stock and let you be on your way in just hours.

Broke a nail? Visit Salon Cielo, and take time to pamper yourself while on holiday with a manicure and pedicure.

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Gucci, Gucci in Orlando

Mall Tips

To avoid a long wait at The Cheesecake Factory, which can take up to one hour, give your name to a host in exchange for a beeper and enjoy more shopping! The beeper will alert you as to when your table is ready.

Pick up a gift card.

For the perfect gift for every occasion, the beautifully packaged “I DECIDE, Forbes Gift Cards” are available in increments of $10 up to $1000. Subject to applicable law, a $2.00 purchase charge will apply; however, funds do not expire.

Gift cards can be purchased at Concierge located in Grand Court during all mall hours and online by using an online form. Use this link to access that form. The Mall at Millenia accepts American Express, Visa, and Mastercard for gift card payments. They can be redeemed at the following Florida mall locations:

  • The Mall at Millenia, Orlando, FL
  • The Gardens Mall, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Waterside Shops, Naples, FL

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Apple Store, Orlando, Mall at Millenia

Apple Store, Orlando, Mall at Millenia

Special Mall Events

To find out special events going on at the mall or special holiday hours, use this link.  

Coupons and Special Store Events

Use this link to go to the Store Events page to see special promotions and coupons: Mall at Millenia Special Events 

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nice Orlando mall, cool shopping on vacation, free entertainment in Orlando
I’m really not the type of Disney fan to suggest you travel to Orlando and spend your Orlando theme park and resort time shopping at a mall. I love riding rides as much as any true Magic Kingdom fan, and for the price of my tickets and the length of my drive, I’d be crazy to be doing anything off Disney property. But there are times, I now know from personal experience, that you may not always have tickets to the parks on vacation.
And for those days, this Cheapskate Princess says…let them shop!
Before you go off to plan your next vacation, read this article about one of the best bargain shopping spots in Orlando.

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you walking by the Rolex store.

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