The Disney Holiday Gingerbread House Kit: Is It Worth the $10?

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Updated for 2017!

How do you entertain three older teenage kids during the holidays? Buy them a gingerbread house! We found a Disney “Crafty Cooking Kits” Mickey and Minnie house for $10 at Big Lots.

Here’s what you get for ten bucks:

Mickey Mouse gingerbread house

This is the look we were going for:


First we rounded up all our helpers, including this one…

making a Mickey Mouse gingerbread house

The kit comes in a pretty big box, which you really didn’t need for the contents. The box makes it appear as if you are getting more than you get.

Disney gingerbread kit and instructions

Disney World gingerbread kit

Look closely and you can see our problem, although I didn’t notice the issue until we removed the thin wrapping, 20 minutes away from the store.

trouble making the Disney gingerbread kit

how to repair a broken gingerbread house

We took that kit back to Big Lots and got a replacement with no problems. They were very nice.
The first thing the instructions say to do is to prepare the icing, kneading it for one minute until it reaches a soft, creamy consistency, or you can place it in a bowl of warm water. We kneaded, and knead well because hard icing doesn’t spread very easily.
Next, the instructions say you snip the corner of the icing pouch to a 1/4-inch opening. I would start smaller than that and go larger if needed, because you can not un-do that hole once you cut it too big. We actually did this with another gingerbread house from Wal-mart, and once we squirted the icing in a Ziolock bag, we cut the end off way smaller. That worked ok as a solution.
This kit just had a small broken end. The instructions say any pieces of gingerbread that are broken can be mended with icing.
This is us mending:
fix a broken gingerbread house
making a Disney Mickey gingerbread house
You can see why mending would not work for large, possibly entire broken pieces.
The instructions suggest you pipe a line of frosting in the channels of the house base. Now, we were scared we would run out of icing, so we did not do this. The house stayed together mostly just fine (see below). If you plan to move your house around a lot, you might not want to skip this step, as it might hold it more securely.
We got the four walls put up, and we let that sit about 15 minutes to harden. The box suggests you wait just five minutes. We say triple that to be safe.
Disney gingerbread Mickey Mouse house
Then we applied the roof and held it for a few minutes. The instructions say 10 minutes wait time, and again, we say 15.
how to make a gingerbread house for Christmas with a Disney theme
And that’s when the wall caved in.
Disney gingerbread house
We took off a roof panel, pulled that wall back out, and reapplied the ceiling icing to glue it together again. That really wasn’t a huge deal, and it held this time.
Next we decorated the ceiling. While the box instructional photo used all white icing, we had purchased some red cookie icing for about $2.50. This added a little color.
My son would tell you straight lines without guidelines are harder to pull off than you think.
Mickey gingerbread house instructions
make a cute Christmas gingerbread house
Then the decorating with the candy enclosed in the kit began, which was probably the most fun.
decorate a Disney gingerbread house
Icing was added to the base for decorating candy.
Disney gingerbread house for Mickey Mouse
What did we think about out $10 investment?
To add a little Mickey and Minnie to your holiday decor, we would give a thumbs up to the $10 gingerbread kit. Again, ours was purchased at Big Lots.
Minnie and Mickey at Christmas
This isn’t professional level material, but then, we aren’t professionals, so…
I think if a 17-year-old boy who can’t do the dishes much less decorate anything can put 98% of this house together by himself, you and your kids will have a nice couple hours of family bonding.
Several tips:
Make sure the gingerbread pieces are not broken before you leave the store. Driving back with broken pieces is a bummer.
Make sure you get the icing warm enough by kneading the bag or warming up the container in a bowl of warm water. The kids complained about working with icing that was too hard.
If you use other icing besides what comes with the kit, make sure it’s not too soft, because soft icing will roll off and down slanted or horizontal surfaces.
best Disney World gingerbread house ever
Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you in Big Lots buying gingerbread. They had a cute Snoopy house as well…
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