How a Walt Disney World Trip Alters Your After-Vacation Reality

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Disney World changes your life

Updated for 2018!

Returning home from a really fun vacation may be one of the most unpleasant feelings in the world. If you’re reading articles about Disney, you’re probably either planning a trip or you’re fighting depression. Walt Disney World is a magical place, and a journey to Disney parks and resorts can affect you in an assortment if surprising ways. 

Miss Their Bathrooms

Disney parks bathrooms are pretty busy places, and especially during holiday seasons and summer, they are often crowded. You may hear the occasional story about a visitor encountering a dirty stall, but there’s typically an attendant making sure everything is in tip-top shape. The Disney resort bathrooms are frequently themed (especially with Deluxe accommodations) to match your resort surroundings, and not only is everything clean, but many offer paper clothes on the countertops if you need to give your hands, face, or even your kids a quick wipe down.

On our ride home, stepping into a public gas station bathroom is my first reminder I am headed back into post-vacation reality. You may find yourself in a mall or a gas station restroom stall thinking back to the Tangled bathroom area in Magic Kingdom…

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Disney World public bathroom restroom

Spark a Desire to Redecorate and Landscape Your Abode

We always recommend our readers spend some time walking around the resorts, which all have different theming, varying colors, many varying characters, plus vastly different architecture and landscaping. 

Once you’ve returned home, you may find yourself missing the outdoor speakers piping in music. I look around my yard and wonder where all the trees and pretty flowers went? My comforter doesn’t feel like what I slept on at that Deluxe resort. And suddenly the Mickey Mouse shower curtain at Wal-mart starts to look attractive for my guest bathroom, although I am not certain all my guests will understand my enthusiasm.

Maybe it’s time to trim your own bushes to look like Mickey topiaries. Plant a few flowers, repaint a wall Mickey red…

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Disney World landscaping

Appreciate “Regular” Pricing

With a name like “Cheapskate Princess,” you know we understand how pricey Disney vacations can be. We recommend you bring your own snacks and drinks into the parks and hotel rooms with you if possible, because the money you save can be money you spend on more fun activities and experiences. But even bringing your own snacks with you, there will be times where you just want to purchase an ice-cold water or Gatorade, and the $3 for each container will start to hurt your wallet.   

Back home, you will find yourself in grocery stores and Walgreens appreciating prices for last-minute items like a Coke or a Twix. An $.89 hamburger at Burger King suddenly sounds like a steal. A 20 oz. Coke at a gas station for $1.50? That seems like big savings compared to what you just paid on Disney property. 

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Gay Days Disney World cupcake

Appreciate the Experiences 

Remember that saying about how you get what you pay for? You will pay more for Disney meals than you pay at home, but you get a lot more for your money. We have nice restaurants where our family lives, but Mickey won’t be greeting us like at Chef Mickey’s. There’s no monorail zipping through the my hometown restaurant, much less waiting to carry anyone home at night. 

You will look back with a fine appreciation of the experiences you enjoyed at Disney.

People will ask you the question, “Why do you keep going back to the same place?” And the answer usually has something to do with memories you made during experiences…dinners, meet and greets, boat rides, roller coasters, things that are so far from your ordinary day. You’ll look back at your photos, and you’ll appreciate the Disney memories you made.

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Disney World vacation

Appreciate the Quiet Times

To say Disney parks, and many times even the resorts, are busy is an understatement. There are literally thousands of people all over the place, on sidewalks, standing in lines, riding inches in front of you on monorails and boats. And sometimes when you get home, you appreciate the stillness, the time to relax in a chair that is not a plastic monorail bench, without the sound of strangers sharing your space. 

For the true Disney vacation fan, this usually doesn’t last long.


Miss the Hectic Times

It’s not unusual for people to get home from a Disney vacation and joke they need a vacation from their vacation. Walking up to 10 miles a day, standing in long lines, eating with large crowds of people…it’s a vacation, but it’s a different type of vacation from relaxing at the beach. 

And yet you may find yourself missing those big crowds, miss the rides that awaited you at the end of the queues and lines, miss the boom of fireworks, miss the late nights and early mornings.

So then you find yourself reading blog articles again about what to do next trip, and asking yourself how crazy busy a vacation to Orlando will be during Christmas holidays…

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Disney Candy Christmas Cane Lane

Re-evaluate Your Wardrobe

Everybody is literally wearing their favorite Disney characters around the parks and resorts; it’s a total Mickey and princess fashion show. When you arrive back home, you’ll feel the need to hang on to that WDW magic for as long as you can. You may find yourself seeking reasons to wear your Mickey t-shirt to work. And your Disney charm bracelet will linger on your wrist for more days than was usual.

Your kids may ask you, “Didn’t you just wear that Cinderella t-shirt yesterday?” 

Oh no, honey, that was a definitely different one…

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Disney World t-shirt

Haunt You Tube

When it’s dinner time at my house, someone will have just turned on the Pirates of the Carribbean que music or area music from other parks. It’s not so loud that it drowns out conversation, but the melody is loud enough to spark conversation, and usually about – you guessed it – vacations. At Cheapskate Princess, we frequently talk a lot about the cost of things – experiences, tickets, resort rooms, and on and on. Discussing prices a great way to connect with introverted teens. 

You’ll find yourself turning more often to YouTube for area music (search Tomorrowland), parade songs or my personal fav. – the Magic Memories and You show, and even resort music (Google search Wilderness Lodge.)

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If you’ve ever had a friend say they were going back to Disney World, again, and you could relate, then you are a die-hard Disney vacation fan. One of the reasons many people miss Disney vacations so much is because they take you to a place no other vacation can match in many ways even if the cost was nuts. And that’s on big reason why lots of Disney fans start planning their next trip on the ride back home to reality. 

have fun on a Disney vacation


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