Grab Disney Merchandise at Five Below Stores for Under $5!

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Looking for Disney themed items at a cost that won’t wreck a vacation budget? How about some Disney Princess merchandise for a birthday present or another holiday? Move over dollar tree and make way for Five Below!

Five Below Disney Merchandise

If you’ve never heard of Five Below stores, they are now one of the fastest growing retailers in the world, plus they are the only teen and tween dedicated retailer in the United States. There are currently 750 stores in 33 states plus over 1,750 more to coming soon. Their products are found in 8 different sections: Style, Room, Play, Tech, Create, Party, Candy and New & Now.

Keep in mind that merchandise selection will definitely vary during certain times of year, popularity of stock, and store locations.

Now grab your five dollar bills and check this out!

Travel games for $3.

Disney Princess Dolls for $5.

Disney Princess Magical Movers Playsets for $5.

Kites for windy spring days!

Items that could be more geared toward boys are cars and action figures.

Stickers and activity books would be great for long car rides.

Journals are great for recording your thoughts before and after your trip or just simple doodling!

These aren’t Disney themed, but if the kids want their own backpack (or even fanny pack!) to hold craft supplies/toys for the car ride or plane trip there, you’ll find them for $5.

You’ll find a wide assortment, which could change obviously at any time with no warning, of Disney themed t-shirts for $5. When you outgrow or stain a $5 shirt, no one panics like you would with a $30 Parks Authentic shirt from a gift shop.

Star Wars shirts

Five Below T-shirts, Disney t-shirts

Five Below has a lot of seasonal holiday gifts with a Disney theme.

If they have Easter items, it’s guaranteed you’ll find Halloween and Christmas items right around the corner. 


Are you familiar with Tinker Bell gifts? These are little gifts that “Tinker Bell” drops off at night during vacations. We have an entire article with tips and suggestions:

Read: The Ultimate Disney World Tinker Bell Gift Guide

All of these Five Below Disney items would make great Tinker Bell gifts, and if she isn’t visiting your kids, it could easily be costing you money in park gift shops.  

If you can’t find a Five Below near you, there always their online shop at


Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you stocking up for your trip or next holiday at Five Below…

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