Love Disney Kid’s Crafts? Check Out These FREE Maleficent Paper Dolls!

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Maleficent Paper dolls by Cory Jensen

Updated for 2015!

At Cheapskate Princess, we love anything FREE, no matter how big or small. It’s pretty difficult these days to find something that is honestly truly free without some sort of string attached. After spotting Paper Dolls by Cory Jensena Facebook group featuring paper doll designs you could print off for free, I was tripping over myself to get permission to supply these paper dolls to our readers. And here they are, our third set of dolls. You’ll find links for the other sets of dolls at the bottom of this page. 

These paper dolls would be perfect for a rainy day craft you could do with your girls or a project they could do at the kitchen table while you cook dinner. You can find Paper Dolls By Cory using this link. 

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Maleficent Disney paper doll

Maleficent I once had wings

Maleficent Disney doll

Maleficent paper doll collection

Disney Maleficent dresses


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These dolls sure would make a great car-ride distraction for anyone traveling long distances to Orlando.

Cory said to use the paper dolls, just simply click on the photo and press print on your computer. That’s way easier than dealing with an iPhone.

A couple of tips to make things easier for you.

  • Paste the doll on card stock so it will last longer.
  • Save this page somewhere on your computer. If you need to reprint any outfits, you’ll be able to locate them quickly.

Use this link to paper dolls inspired by Frozen.

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Use this link for more adorable Disney inspired paper dolls including Ariel, Snow White, and Cruella De Vil. 

For Your Princesses…Free Disney Inspired Paper Dolls!

Maleficent Disney movie

Head over to Paper Dolls By Cory to see what new designs he is currently working on. Disney princesses are not the only dolls he draws, although we plan to share all his Disney inspired creations. We would like to extend a HUGE thanks to Cory for allowing us to share his designs. It’s impossible to look at these amazing paper dolls and not think about what an amazing talent he has! 

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Paper Dolls by Cory Jensen

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you with your scissors, gathered around the table with the kids…

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