Fill Your Disney-Themed Easter Baskets at Five Below Stores

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With Easter right around the corner, it’s about time to start shopping for Easter basket items for your Disney obsessed crew. A new-ish store called Five Below may have just what you need this year with prices that leave room for savings to set aside for a vacation…

If you are unfamiliar with Five Below stores, it seems they are now one of the fastest growing retailers in the world, plus the only retailer dedicated to teen and tween needs in the United States. While there are currently 750 stores in 33 states, look for another 1,750 more locations to come in the near future. Their products are found in eight different areas of the store:

Style, Room, Play, Tech, Create, Party, Candy and New & Now.

Did we mention everything here is priced at $5 or below?!

And while merchandise can certainly vary from store to store, we spotted lots of Disney items to fill baskets plus loads more.

Let’s start with the actual baskets…

We didn’t spot any Disney-themed Easter baskets, which you can find at both Wal-mart and Target, but there are plenty of baskets.

We located Disney and Marvel items to fill a basket without breaking the bank.

There are more candy options for a basket than you probably have money to make the purchases.

Five Below had one of the largest Pez Dispenser displays we have ever seen with tons of Disney characters.

All Easter baskets need some candy, which you can buy in “bulk,” priced at five for $5 or one at a time for $1.25.

They have arts and crafts supplies from three to five dollars.






There are plenty of Disney themed items for older children, like these Heli Balls and headphones.

Jewelry works well as gifts for your older children, plus glittery head bands and fanny packs. Who would have thought fanny packs would ever come back in style?! These sets sell for $3 and $5.















If you don’t want to leave your house or do not have a store located near you, you can place an order online at

Five Below stores have a lot of merchandise you won’t find at discount stores like Dollar Tree, and the item quality is absolutely superior in my opinion. Be sure to know your prices though, as some items can be priced higher than their identical match at Wal-mart.

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you Easter shopping in the isles of Five Below, wearing your Mickey Mouse ears…


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