Do You Have a Favorite Disney Child, and Would You Admit It?

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Updated for 2017!

Did you hear the story about the dad who blogged about having a favorite child?  Today Moms’ editor Rebecca Dube blogged about it here. It seems a dad announced on his blog how he definitely had a favorite child between his two sons. While he hasn’t specifically told his kids he has this chosen favorite, he announced it to the world through his blog. This guy couldn’t understand why there was such a controversy surrounding his decision to publish this personal information. He told  his critics, “they must be ‘perfect’ parents.” Other writers chimed in to say that lots of parents have favorites, but you shouldn’t actually say that out loud.

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Growing up, both my parents had an obvious favorite among their three children, the irony being they both favored the exact same child. He easily knew he was the golden child; we actually nicknamed him “the Lamb” or “Lambie-pie,” because my dad frequently referred to my brother as “my lamb.” Probably like every kid growing up as the un-favored sibling, I swore that would never be my parenting style.

Yet with Disney forever on the brain, I had to ask myself, being honest deep within, did I have a favored Disney vacation child? Was there one kid I enjoyed spending time with more than the others?

Duh, like I’m going to announce that!

What I needed was a contest to decide the favorite. I needed a contest winner.

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I immediately went and asked all three of my kids whom I should choose as my favorite Disney child. “I need to decide who is my favorite Disney kid on vacation. I need a favorite kid to hang with. Why should I pick you?”

Here are the candidates.

  • 5th grade son, child #3.
  • 7th grade son, child #2.
  • 9th grade daughter, child #1.

My 5th grade son talks about Disney just about every day. He helps me plan our days, saves his money for the trips all year ’round, and offered to buy my breakfast at Chef Mickey’s for my Christmas present. Looking out the window of the car, he has been known to say, ”Mom, I miss Disney.”

My 7th grade son loves Disney roller coasters, offers me samples of the snacks he buys with his own allowance, and will not turn down late night adventures at the parks no mater how much his feet hurt. This kid went to bed every night when he was five saying, ”When I wake up, I want to go to Disney World and ride the monorail.”

My 9th grade daughter likes to look in gift shops with me, is the first one dressed and ready to head back into the Magic Kingdom at night, and insists we skip all rides to watch the Magic, Memories, and You! show that was formerly displayed on Cinderella Castle right before and after Wishes. She can walk for Disney miles without complaining.

Let the “Pick Me!” arguing commence to determine the winner.

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5th grade son, child #3, said he truly appreciated being at Disney (way more than the other two, he unhesitatingly pointed out.) He also looked forward to spending time with me all by myself, quality mom-time, he said. He reminded me that one day, he really wants to go to the Magic Kingdom with just me, just he and I hanging out, rather than having everyone else tag along. “Everyone else,” he said, are the family members who don’t appreciate Disney World’s qualities like he does, and they most certainly do not appreciate alone time with me like he does. He made a strong case.

My 9th grade daughter, child #1, was texting when I asked for her sales pitch. By the way, the running joke in my house is that she is already my “favorite daughter.” Now, this particular favoritism is psychologically acceptable, because she is my only daughter, and there is no step mom in the picture. She stopped texting long enough to see me lying on her bed, waiting for her reasons why she should be favored, and she came up with this deep sentiment. “I love when you buy me stuff at Disney.” “That’s it? That’s all you have?” I enquired? “I can’t wait to look at purses with you in November.” She does have good taste in merchandise, and she doesn’t hesitate to tell me when a t-shirt is not for me.

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Harley Davidson for kids, kid on a motorcycle

7th grade son, child #2 immediately asked about the answers from his competition. “What were their answers?!” he inquired. “Cheater,” I declared. He said that he was always willing to go anywhere with me when the other kids were too tired. I can never relax on vacation in Orlando,with my ADD motored revved up to Main Street cotton candy overdrive. He was there for me, he stated for the record, so he was my partner in Disney crime. Point well taken.

The beauty of my children is that five minutes after I talked to them, they forgot I had even asked. Not one kid came to find out who won, which told me I must be doing Ok on not actually playing favorites. There are no “lambs” in this Disney home.

And the winner is? Me, of course, for I am truly the actual winner as the mother of  kids who love visiting Disney with me, and how cool is that?!

So, do you have a favorite Disney child, and would you ever admit it?

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Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you, walking through the park with the kids…

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