How Can You Save Money on Disney World Souvenirs? One Four Letter Word…

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Updated for 2018!

I am always lookin’ for a bargain. While I love to shop in the Disney World gift shops, to say merchandise is really pricey is probably an understatement. I joke that I could easily drop $1,000 in any given gift shop, but it’s really not a joke, especially if any of that merchandise is jewelry or a high-end handbag. Expensive is putting it mildly, especially after you just spent a fortune on tickets, lodging and food. And when you walk into a gift shop, suddenly you need all sorts of stuff you never even thought you might want. Temptation is everywhere.

Whether it’s before a trip (when I worry about my future credit card statement) or just after a trip (when I feel especially broke), I have found eBay to be a great “Shopping Center” for Disney bargains. Items might be new to you rather than brand new with a tag hanging in a resort gift shop, but with the money you save, those “purchased in the parks” items might not sting as much if you feel like you have the ca$h available for use.

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shop for Disney on ebay

Here are some items I found over several days of eBay window shopping that I thought were a pretty good deal. These are items that tempt a lot of people at Disney, and if not already expensive, they can add up if you purchase more than one.

I have provided the current item price, plus the cost for shipping and key words I used in searches. I also provided information on the seller, because if you have shopped on eBay before, you know that auctions from reputable sellers can help you sleep at night. Some items are pre-owned = “new to you” while others are brand new. Prices will change for eBay auctions every day, but this gives you a good starting point.


What do some of our  Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans like to buy on eBay?

Martie, “I buy Dooney and Bourke!”

Chrystie, “Pins, though I don’t trade, Chef Mickey memorabilia, Disney patches to sew onto my suitcase and antenna toppers.”

Beth, “Shirts for trips and Disney jewelry.”

Afton, “Usually I buy Disney purse, pins, or that one collectible that you find that is no longer online or at the parks!”


New Dooney & Bourke DB Retro Vanessa, Black

Ladies, you know you have stood before those D&B handbags and asked yourself how many meals you need to eat at home to justify the cost of one item just for you. Or perhaps a purse you could share with a teen daughter, but sharing doesn’t really drop the price. It was a shock for me to spot this newer pattern handbag at a great discount, and a bonus was a seller with excellent feedback.

The seller? 6699 sales with 99.3% feedback.

The Price? $238 on Sale Buy Me Now for $119 with FREE shipping. ““All items sold qualify for free shipping and are covered under the Dooney & Bourke one year guarantee!”

Key words I have used: Disney Dooney & Bourke, Disney Dooney, Disney World purse


Disney Dooney & Bourke purse on eBay

New Disney Mickey Mouse Ice Crystal Black Rubber Band Quartz Watch

Disney has really stepped it up on their watch selections in the past several years, for both men and women. Those upper end resorts like the Grand Floridian and the Contemporary Resort have nice selections of watches, most starting at over $100 and going up from there. The cheaper the watch, the more likely you are to find it on eBay, because it seems people aren’t letting go of the more expensive watches.

The seller? 123,188 sales with 99.4% feedback

The price? $30 on sale for $20, Free shipping

Key words I have used: Disney watch, Disney World watch, Mickey Mouse watch

buy a Disney watch on eBay

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Pre-owned Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle Photo/ Picture Frame Featuring Tinkerbell

Picture frames purchased on property generally start about $24.99, regardless of small or large, and the cost goes up from there. While there are many auctions for frames, shipping can be a real issue because of package weight, pushing the cost of the item over the Disney price. The least amount I have purchased a picture frame for was $10 including shipping, so it’s really important to keep an eye on the shipping costs.

The seller? 19,074 sales with 100% feedback

The price? Starting bid was $9.99 with $8.05 shipping. At that price, that’s a good deal. There is a Buy It Now option for $15.00, so with shipping, that’s about what you would pay at the parks for a brand new frame.

Key words I have used: Disney picture frame, Disney World photo frames

Disney merchandise on eBay, discount Disney merchandise

Pre-owned Disney World Mens T-shirt Blue Mickey Tinker Bell Donald Duck Pluto Size L

Ah, t-shirts, the staple of any Disney World fan’s wardrobe. And with a starting point of $24.99 and up for adult t-shirts, you might as well try to find them on sale. There are a ton of shirt auction, from toddler to adult in both genders, new and used, so start looking…

The seller? 499 sales with %100 feedback

The price? $14.95 Buy It Now with Free Shipping

Key words I have used: Disney shirts, Disney t-shirts, Disney sweatshirts

Disney World t-shirt on eBay

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DVC Brown Adjustable Member’s Only Cap Disney Vacation Club Exclusive New Style

There are a lot of hats on eBay, 567 auctions to be exact when I searched “Disney World hat,” and not just necessarily the DVC style. Hats can start about $24.00 in the gift shops and parks, so getting one for $12 would be considered a pretty good deal.

The seller? 2,181 sales with 100% feedback

The price? The bid started at $4.99 with a shipping price of $3.00.

Key words I have used: Disney hats, Disney World, hats, Disney (fill in the blank) Resort hat, Mickey Mouse hat

buy Disney merchandise cheap on eBay

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Authentic Pandora Bracelet – 8.3″ (21cm) Sterling Silver

Jewelry is a big thing at all the gift shops, from tiaras and silver charms to watches and gold rings. Pandora charms are all the rage in the Disney gifts shops and parks.

The seller? 1402 items with 99.8% feedback

The price? $43.00 on Buy Me Now with Free shipping

Key words I have used: Pandora jewelry, Disney jewelry, Disney World charm bracelet

Disney Pandora charm bracelet


Disney Princess Dress – Sleeping Beauty – Brand New – Size 4-6x

This does not appear to be the same dress you would purchase at Disney World for $64.00, but at nearly 2/3 off that price, your little one might not even notice the difference. And chances are she’ll outgrow it pretty quickly anyway.

The seller? 177,511, because this is direct from ToysRUs, with 97.9% Feedback

The price? $19.99 on a Buy It Now auction, $5.20 shipping, but as the photos shows, you can get Free shipping with any order over $79

Key words I have used: Disney Princess dress, princess dress

Disney Princess dress

So says the  Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans

Julie, “I’ve gotten the older holiday princess Barbie dolls and pins for trading in the park!” 

Cassie, “I buy pins for trading and personalized bags and clothes for the kids.”

Jenny, Well I do buy Disney pins to trade in the parks. I buy enough to give to my kids.”

Pamela, “Pins for trading and Vinylmation.”

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Jennifer, “Pins! And custom-made character outfits.”

Stephanie, “I recently purchased a Disney Store Belle costume dress for $15!! It is obviously pre-owned, but in fantastic condition. My 2-yr-old doesn’t care where I bought it or how much it cost…she just wants to be Belle at WDW in September!

Carol, I love to collect Disney items. I have gotten many of my collectables on Ebay. I have purchased stuffed animals, lamps, sheets, pillowcases, pillows, pictures, and of course Disney Trading pins. I purchase many items for my collection with the Disney Theme.”

Debbie, “Vintage Christmas decorations, cell phone covers, pencils and pens, business card holders, desk accessories like post its, I bought all if my decorations for my bathroom & kitchen. Just bought a replacement car sun shade so car accessories. I keep a watch on a variety of items. Sometimes they are priced too high so I will let them go off the bid and wait til they are re-listed at discounted prices before I buy.


Other things our Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans search for on eBay?

Misty, “Vintage Disney glasses.

Noreen,  “I’m a collector of vintage sterling Disney World/Epcot charms. I probably have 40+. I also love, love vintage Epcot merchandise and am always on the lookout for something to add to my collection!”

Michelle, “Disney Christmas Dresses for my daughter, Disney clothing, and Disney earrings.”

Katie“Jim Shore Disney Christmas pieces!!!”

Annabel, “I collect Disney badges and other vintage memorabilia that people sell. I’ve got old pennants, books, view master reels, stuffed toys, you name it.”

where to buy Disney Trading pins cheap, cheap trading pins, buy Disney Trading pins

A word of warning on Trading Pins on eBay. I have received many, many reports about the pins being sold on eBay are fake reproductions, even if they appear legit.

Samantha sent us this:

I am a fan of saving money when possible! But as some of my fellow collectors have already stated 99.9% of the lots on eBay contain fake pins. is a site dedicated to the love of trading and educating new collectors on the hobby.

Yes these lots are cheap but is defiantly a case of “you get what you pay for” I would encourage you to include this information in your post so that others are not mislead into thinking they are purchasing real Disney pins.

Here is a link to a blog filled with information to help buyers sift through eBay sellers:“Backstage” Bad Magic – Scrapper Sellers on eBay 

Before you make any sort of Trading Pin purchase on eBay, you might want to research the legitimacy of the seller and the pins, if that’s important to you.

shop for Disney on ebay

And if you can’t find want you want on eBay at a deep enough discount, there’s always my favorite Orlando shopping place:

70% Off Disney Parks Authentic Merchandise? Cheapskate Bargains Galore!

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you in the gift shops, asking yourself, “I wonder if they sell this on eBay?”

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