The Top Three Disney World Souvenirs You’ll Use Every Day

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amazing Disney Word gift shop

Updated for 2018!

Disney World is an amazing playground of entertainment, roller coasters, and fabulous dining. After you spend lots and lots of money on tickets, a hotel room, and food, you will be visually overwhelmed with souvenir opportunities. Everywhere you turn on Disney property, there are stylish gift shops in which every single merchandising item looks like something you need to buy immediately.

You don’t believe it now, but just wait.

And a great percentage of what people bring home winds up in a closet or in a drawer for their next trip. What should you buy?

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where to shop at Walt Disney World

While you certainly don’t need every item you see in the gift shops, you will surely be tempted. Coffee mugs, pencils, t-shirts, mouse ears hats, Dooney & Bourke handbags, plastic bags full of candy, swim suits…The list of items for sale is really limitless. So again, what should you purchase?

Well, a lot of that answer depends on your personal taste and what you like to have and wear. I’m cheap. I like nice stuff but I can’t stand to pay retail prices. So buying souvenirs at Disney World is often a dilemma. If I’m spending all that money on souvenirs, I want to see and use the items I bring home more than just a couple of times a year.

We’ve got a Top Three suggestion of Disney souvenirs that can provide substantial use in your everyday life. If you’re going to buy it, you might as well use it every chance you get.

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I try to pick out one piece of jewelry every trip, because with a job in a public school classroom, jewelry is something I wear every day. A Mickey hanging around my neck at work reminds me of vacation, and the thought of vacation makes me happy. Being happy at work can equal productivity, so your boss could promote you!

There are jewelry pieces ranging from $4 to over $8,000, although obviously being cheap, I’m going to shop on the lower price tag side. I have sterling silver pendants that are six to seven years old and still look brand new with a little polish.

buy jewelry at Disney World

Mickey Mouse necklace souvenir

Minnie Mouse watch

Most people could wear the same Disney watch every day, and watches are priced from under $50 to over $150 to fit every princess budget.

Ok, so this heart isn’t a necklace most people could afford, but we can sure dream! They offer way less expensive versions in the low to mid $100s.

expensive souvenirs at Disney World

Kitchen Items

So let’s put this out there; I am no chef. I can barely cook my own oatmeal for breakfast. But plenty of you princesses do spend a great portion of your day in the kitchen, so why not stare at a white-gloved hand while you scramble some eggs in the morning?

Flatware, cups, mugs, plates, popsicle molds, snack trays, pitcher sets, tumblers, napkins, placemats, and the list goes on and on in every color and Disney character theme imaginable. You’ll pay more than you would at Wal-mart for compatible non-brand items, but the quality is high, and you can use cooking and dining accessories in the kitchen every day.

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buy kitchen items at Disney World

what to buy at Disney World

Kitchen utensils and equipment are really common in resort gift shops throughout Disney property. Disney also offers a wide variety of kitchen products for sale, in collections like Meal Time Magic for KidsBest of Mickey Kitchen CollectionGourmet Mickey Kitchen Collection, and Disney Parks Kitchen & Dinnerware.

Disney World kitchen items

kitchen essentials Disney World

While it stinks to come back home after a fun vacation, who wouldn’t enjoy eating at a fabulous table set like this?

Disney kitchen products

For some pre-vacation window shopping, you can see all the online kitchen and dinnerware items using this link to 

Frames and Pictures

There are so many events you can attend and buy tickets for at Disney World besides theme park tickets. In the fall alone, there is Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Or you can hop over to Disney Springs and see animatronic dinosaurs at T-REX or take a captain’s guided tour on a rare Amphicar that drives on land and floats in the water. This experience has a $125 price tag.

Who has a lot of money for souvenirs after paying for that?!

Disney Springs fun activities

Well, after the experience, purchase a Disney picture frame and put your photo in it. They are priced under $30 and good quality items.

picture frame souvenirs at Disney World

Taking photos in gift shops is always fun too, because shopping at Disney is a way different experience than shopping in Wal-mart.

use photos for souvenirs at Disney World

DVC brochures and park maps make great backgrounds for vacation pictures. This photo below shows a Dollar Store frame, so including printing, we’re looking at a cost of about $1.40. That will leave lots of money for tickets to an event like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

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Everybody has their favorite souvenirs, but now you know our Top Three souvenir suggestions for maximum every day use.

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you eating PB&J sandwiches for lunch, saving up for a sterling silver necklace purchased in a resort gift shop.

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Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess


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