Planning a Disney World Proposal: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

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Updated for 2018!

Weddings in general are expensive. The average cost of a wedding in the United States these days is over $25,000, but a proposal is something that can be done for free. Even if you go all out with a pre-proposal dinner, flowers, and candles for mood lighting, then you still are not spending anything near the cost of the actual wedding. It’s easy to think about Disney vacations as a fun time for the group to ride roller coasters and over look the romantic and unusual places Disney has to offer for a proposal.

We asked our  Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans where they would proposed to a loved one, or where they would like to receive a proposal. This could have turned into a “Top Ten” best proposal sites-type article, but proposals are as unique as the people involved. If there really is a “best” place, it’s the location you choose for yourself, which could certainly be different from couple to couple. But it never hurts to hear great ideas, so we’re going to pass on our fans suggestions, so you romantics out there can take some notes.

There are several things to keep in mind when planing a proposal.

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Coronado Springs Resort

Coronado Springs Resort


Do you want pictures of your proposal? If so, you’ll need to arrange a family member to have a camera. Are they hiding in the bushes with a zoom lens, or are they standing four feet away sharing in the moment? Photo Pass Cast Members can be alerted to your plan, depending on where you are.

Will your memories be captured on film or just exist in your mind?


Disney is a really busy place, with people walking all over resorts and theme parks in every direction.  Carrie shared her story, “My husband did propose in front of the castle to the side. It was spontaneous for sure. I would have loved for it to be at Snow White’s wishing well. He tried to do it there twice, and each time a ton of people flocked there. I thought he was acting strange!” 

Do you want strangers all around and in the background of your photos, or do you want a more secluded spot for privacy? 


Do you want to have something special between just the two of you, that special place most people overlooked, or do you want to propose in one of Disney’s more iconic locations? Years later, where do you want to be standing when you look back and say, “This is the spot.” Are you surrounded by 100,000 people at Christmas on Main Street in front of the castle, or are you off the beaten path with the only sound of wind whistling through the trees?

Will you walk down the beaten proposal path or strike out on your own?

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Polynesian Village proposal ideas

There is no one size fits all Disney proposal, so we’ve taken our  Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans suggested proposal advice and simply alphabetized it for organizational purposes.


Terri recommends,  “Propose on the little boat to BoardWalk from Port Orleans.” This is quiet, off the beaten path, and perfect for those of you that love water and the resort atmosphere. There are boats sailing all over Disney property from parks to resorts. A suggestion is a pre or post proposal meal at one of the resort restaurants. 

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is green and tropical during the day, but the colors come alive at night. You should have no problem finding a Photo Pass Cast Member to snap a shot in front of the Tree of Life, but it’s not very private location.

Heather suggests,” Go in one of the little ‘secret’ paths in Animal Kingdom with all the beautiful flora and fauna and wildlife to cheer you on!” This will be a little darker at night, but more private that proposing in front of the tree. 

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proposal at Disney Animal Kingdom

Be Our Guest

Yuuki suggests, “Propose either during dessert at Be Our Guest restaurant or at the Grand Floridian! But it doesn’t really matter to me as long as I’m being proposed to at Disney!”

Tiffany concurs with the new restaurant in Fantasyland,  “I got proposed to in front of the enchanted rose in the Be Our Guest restaurant. It was PERFECT. Then we reenacted for pictures in front of the mural in the front of the restaurant. Best night ever!!


My sons and I love the Laugh Floor in the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, because audience members are spontaneously called on and singled out with the cameras. But I know many people who don’t like to go in because they are afraid they’ll be single out. 

Erica suggested, “A kinda corny idea would be the Monsters Laugh Floor. How cool would it be to have the comedians ask you to marry ‘that guy’?!” So comedy lovers, maybe it’s time to start Googling proposal jokes.

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fun at Disney World

Disney Springs

In the coming years, Disney Springs will emerge as a romantic date and potential proposal hotspot, since the entire area is especially beautiful at night, with soft lighting reflecting off the lake and Saratoga Springs resort in the background.

Sara, “Have you been in the Starbucks walk-in location at Downtown Disney? There is a beautiful patio outside which overlooks the lake and has the benefit of a nice breeze coming off the water.”

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proposal Disney Springs


Kara suggested “Somewhere at Epcot… Paris, Morocco, etc. All are beautiful!” Kara has the right idea with Epcot as a proposal site, because there are so many beautiful locations. Your loved one isn’t into the whimsical and sometimes child-centered locations at the Magic Kingdom? Epcot has adult written all over it. 

Stephanie concurs, “The fountain in Italy at Epcot is a beautiful spot! We had pictures taken there on our honeymoon!!

Erika recommends “Canada, after dinner at Le Cellier. The park is so beautiful there, just like a fairy tale.”

Amanda also likes this section of Epcot, “My husband proposed to me in the UK pavilions at Epcot. I love England and Epcot so it was perfect for me! I think any spot in any of the parks can be perfectly magical.”

Jeanette, “My hubby proposed to me on the bench outside of Rose and Crown, which is our favorite restaurant.”

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Epcot proposal Disney World

Nancy, “My favourite spot to sit is outside The Art Of Disney store in Epcot after the crowd has rushed out and just look at Spaceship Earth and watch the lights change under the palm trees. I would want my husband to propose to me there.”

The Epcot “ball” is so iconic, and because of its massive size, there are tons of opportunities to get pictures of the sphere in the background without being swamped by other guests.

Sharmon “I think you should propose at EPCOT behind the UK section in or near the gazebo at Christmas. Its quiet, quaint and beautiful.”

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For you firework fans, Illuminations can be a beautiful time to propose.


Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom

Darlene says, “My hubby proposed to me by Cinderella fountain behind the castle. It’s a sweet spot plus there was a Disney photographer that caught it! Awesome and a surprise.”

Allyson recommends, “Cinderella’s Royal Table.” If a meal here isn’t in the cards, the entire area behind Cinderella Castle is beautiful. The later it gets at night, the more this area clears out.


Favorite Movie or a Favorite Ride

If your loved one has a favorite ride or movie, plan your proposal around their favorite thing.

Shanna, “Peter Pan is my favorite Disney movie, so my suggestion for a proposal would be the Pirate Cruise during Wishes for me. But I would say any man who finds out what her favorite movie is and does it around that, well that’s very thoughtful!”

Erica, “The Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride, so for me a proposal there, that would be awesome.”

Leah-Renee, “ Easy! Do the proposal on top of Splash Mountain.”

James, “Propose as the countdown hits three on Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster!”

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where to propose at Magic Kingdom


Louise, “Propose anywhere during the fireworks.

Melissa “Propose during the fireworks and say they were meant just for their love.”

Grand Floridian

Megan, “Propose at the Grand Floridian and of course, follow-up with the wedding there.”

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Grand Floridian wedding proposal

Magic Kingdom

There are so many beautiful places in the Magic Kingdom, and one of the most popular places for proposals seems to be the Partners Statue in front of Cinderella Castle. And of course there is the castle itself. There are so many stunning views of this one iconic building, you won’t feel like you have to drop to one knee right in front of the larger crowds.

The back of Cinderella Castle is often regarded as the most beautiful side, and it is much quieter, but really, is there a bad view?

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Cinderella Castle proposal

Main Street, U.S.A.

The streets are only this empty at the very end of the day, after closing as the Cast Members politely usher everyone to the front gates, but think of the picture opportunities here!

Polynesian Beach

Stacey, “On the beach at the Polynesian during Wishes.

Resorts in General

StefanieThe walkways at Port Orleans French Quarter.”

MelanieWhile strolling on the “streets” at Port Orleans French Quarter at night. I just love how it is so quiet and romantic there.

Noreen, “The observation deck of the Cali Grill comes to mind.” 

Laura, “On the observation deck at contemporary during wishes after dinner at California grill!”

There are so many beautiful resorts. Pick one!

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Disney vacation proposal ideas

Coronado Springs Resort

Victoria and Alberts

Eileen, “Dessert at Victoria and Alberts, possibly at the Chef’s Table. But I’ve seen some pretty cool flash mob things on Main Street, too.”


Clarinda, “Beach at the Polynesian or the back streets of United Kingdom/England in Epcot.”

Kelly, “Right in front of the Castle… during Wishes!”

And when you finish, pop over to the wedding pavilion and price a fairy tale wedding.

Disney Magic Kingdom Wishes proposal

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