Cool Disney World Pressed Penny Jewelry!

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make pressed penny jewelry instructions

Pressed pennies are some of Walt Disney World’s cheapest souvenirs, starting at a whopping $.51 each. Kids and adults alike collect them every year. We have scoured the Internet looking for ideas for using your pressed pennys when you get back from vacation. Nothing fights Disney Post Vacation Depression Syndrome (DPVDS) like a piece of jewelry! Especially if you make it yourself for cheap. But if you’re not crafty or have a lot of free time, we found several Etsy stores guaranteed to help you purchase something adorable.

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On a website called the  reImagination Station, the author has a section called Homespun by Laura, where she posted detailed instructions for making thus beautiful bracelet.  For photos and really detailed instructions, easy enough that I could probably be successful, stop by the reImagination Station.

how to make a Disney pressed penny bracelet and necklace

On a website called Cherish Home Every Day ,the author’s son created a pressed penny belt. While not jewelry, the belt is still pretty cool and would definitely accentuate other pressed penny jewelry.

Disney Pressed Penny Belt

How to make a Disney World pressed penny belt

Go to Cherish Home Every Day to see how her son put the belt together. it’s looks too complicated for my low craft skills, but some of you are far craftier than moi.

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Not into making your own pressed penny jewery? Then you can but it.

This beautiful bracelet, called a Disney Winnie the Pooh Characters – Smashed Penny Bracelet, is for sale on Etsy. Use this link to the Etsy store.  The cost is $24.95 before shipping.

buy a Disney pressed penny bracelet on etsy

This hand painted pressed Disney penny bracelet adorning Walt Disney’s signature is $20 before shipping. Use this link to the Etsy store. 

Disneyland pressed penny on Etsy

This design looks easy enough to do yourself. Simply pierce your penny, attach a ring, and slip over a necklace. Voila!

Too much work for you? You can purchase it for $5 on Etsy using this link to the FairytaleFaire store.

Disney pressed penny necklace

jillmccp is selling this precious Limited Edition Disney Vanellope Swarovski Bead Bracelet  for $11.95 before shipping. Use this link to their Etsy store. 

Disney crystal pressed penny bracelet

FairytaleFaire has this Lady and the Tramp Pressed Penny Necklace for $25 before shipping. Use this link to their Etsy store. 

Disneyland pressed penny from Etsy

FairytaleFaire is offering this Little Mermaid Repurposed Disney Penny Silver Bracelet. This imprinted penny featuring Ariel is showcased on a beautiful silver scrollwork cuff bracelet.

The cost is $28.00 before shipping. Use this link to their Etsy store. 

Disney Little Mermaid pressed penny bracelet

FairytaleFaire  is offering this Mickey Mouse Frontierland Repurposed Penny Bracelet for $18.00 before shipping. Use this link to their Etsy store. 

Mickey Mouse Disney pressed penny bracelet

jillmccp is offering this ARIEL Aqua Pearl Bracelet featuring a smashed quarter $12. 95 before shipping. Use this link to their Etsy store.

Ariel Disneyland pressed quarer bracelet

What I has one of the best tutorials on how to make your own pressed penny bracelet I have ever seen. If you already have a lot of pressed pennies and want to make your own bracelet or necklace rather than purchase one you have to stop by and look at her instructions. 

instructions on how to make a pressed penny bracelet

With a few beads, you can spiff up your bracelet like this design you’ll find on

cool pressed penny bracelet

MyTabbyBoutique on Etsy made this stunning penny and charm bracelet. Although this particular bracelet is not Disney themed, it gives you the idea to add Disney charms to a pressed penny bracelet you make yourself. Stop by MyTabbyBoutique if you like this style bracelet. Living near the Gulf of Mexico, I really love the nautical theme.

beautiful pressed penny bracelet offers detailed instructions on how to make your own pressed penny jewelry. Most of the designs go way over my skill level, but it’s intriguing to see how they are created. You may have better craft skills than me!

Disney jewelry you make yourself

The photos on are truly stunning. They really make me wish I was more crafty…

pressed penny Disney necklace

This is probably my absolute favorite creation…

Disney DIY jewelry

So there are lots and lots of ideas to get you started either making or purchasing some pressed penny jewelry. Sometimes making your own jewelry is way less expensive than purchasing it, and with the money you save, you can get started saving for your next trip to Disney.

For more information on pressed pennies, including tips on what type pennies to use for pressing and how to shine your pennies right up, use this link.

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