Disney’s Extra Magic Hours: a Cheapskate Princess Guide

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Updated for 2017!

If you ever said,”Let’s just stay at a cheap hotel, because with the money we save, the longer we can stay at Disney World longer,” then you just might be a Cheapskate Princess. I’m all about finding a bargain. And there is no doubt that staying at a Disney World Resort can be more expensive than staying “off property.” 

But Disney offers a huge perk other off-property hotels don’t: Extra Magic Hours. Staying fewer days in a Disney resort to play longer in the parks is what a Cheapskate Princess would call a splurge.  

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What are Extra Magic Hours?

On certain days of the week, Disney resort guests can enter one of the parks one hour earlier and stay up to two hours later than guests staying off property. Extra Magic Hours give you time in the parks, above and beyond the standard operating schedule, at no additional charge. They’ll do a different park every day. This special perk is offered only to guests of Disney property hotel. That’s where you get your money’s worth right there, princess; arrive early or stay later than you would you stay in a less expensive hotel of property.

Now for those who didn’t splurge on a Disney hotel, Cast Members will not ask you to leave the park in the evenings if you are staying off property, but you will not be allowed on the rides, shows, or attractions. MagicBands will be scanned, and without confirmation you are staying on property, there will be no extra riding.

So they won’t toss you out, but why do they allow you to stay?  Because you can still shop and eat, which can be a lot of fun! Especially late at night in the summer when the temps. are lower and the crowds can be lighter. 

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Where are Extra Magic Hours?

All the theme parks offer some sort of Extra Magic Hours, as do Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach water parks.

To get on rides or into shows during Extra Magic Hours, you will need to scan your magic band or Disney room card. 

To get through the entry gate during Extra Magic Hours, you’ll need to scan your magic band or Disney room card. 

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When are Extra Magic Hours?

Here are several easy ways to determine when Extra Magic Hours occur.

If you’re on a traditional computer, go to the Disney calendar page. You can use this link to see the page.

Disney calendar page

You can use these pages to fine tune it to your vacation.

Disney calendars to plan your vacation

If you are on a cell phone, use the My Disney Experience app. 

My Disney Experience check extra magic hours

So you may have to weigh your accommodations options carefully.

Staying on property is more costly than staying at a hotel off-property. But during busy times a year, those extra hours in the parks can make your added expense seem worth the financial effort. 

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On the negative side, I have been to Extra Magic Hours at Hollywood Studios and shaken my head at the long lines. I really think that the best place to take advantage of the late night hours is the Magic Kingdom, where there are more rides to enjoy than just a few roller coasters.

Extra Magic Hours are a wonderful perk for your hard-earned Disney Dollars; less wait, 70 degree temps. at night in June, yet it’s definitely more expensive for a resort stay to achieve this perk.  You can snag a really cheap, yet decent, hotel over in Kissimmee for like $50 a night, so a Disney resort will cost you nearly three or four times that amount. 

But how often do you go on a Disney vacation? Sometimes when you save up a lot, you have room for an extravagance! And this is a perk that may justify all your scrimping and saving.

My favorite rides, with a cheapskate twist…

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