Can a Cheapskate Princess Afford a Dooney & Bourke Disney Handbag?

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Updated for 2018!

If you ever stood before a $300 purse at Walt Disney World, vowing some day you would buy a “Disney Dooney,” but just not this year, you are probably a Cheapskate Princess. To get to Disney Word, you have worked hard and probably saved money for a very long time. Will you ever find yourself justifying the price of a Dooney & Bourke handbag, because a purchase like this is a total Disney Princess splurge. While they feature some of the greatest prints on Disney merchandise today, a Dooney & Bourke handbag is certainly pricey.

What is so great about a Disney D&B purse, and can you afford one?

The Dooney and Bourke website states than in 1975, the company was launched with the idea that they could make a difference in the fine leather goods market.

  • commitment to enduring style
  • uncompromising quality
  • use of the finest raw materials
  • time-honored techniques of old-world leather craftsmen
  • inspired from a variety of classic bag shapes
  • styles are a blend of class and contemporary.

Disney Dooney & Bourke wristlets typically start at $65 before tax and shipping.

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This purse is an Online Exclusive; the Dooney & Bourke Mickey Mouse Mini Barrel Bag was $105 before tax and shipping.

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The Disney Dooney & Bourke sketch letter carrier bag was $128 before tax and shipping.

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The Disney Dooney and Bourke backpack was $198 before tax and shipping.

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The Retro Disneyland Davis Tassel Bag was $285 before tax and shipping.

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The Disney Dooney & Bourke Sketch Leather Shopper Bag was $345 before tax and shipping.

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The Disney Dooney & Bourke Sketch Weekender Large Duffle Bag was $395 before tax and shipping.

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So we have a range of less than $100 to almost $400 for a Disney Dooney.

Only you know if you have the funds to bring one of these babies home to live in your castle. I honestly think my husband would have a stroke if I hauled the $399 Weekender Bag up to the gift shop counter. A princess can dream, eh?!

Now before you decide only a true Disney Princess has the money to afford a purse of this magnificence, there are frequently promotions online at the Disney Store.

Look for ads on the site that appear similar to this:

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Sometimes they offer a promotion for a free $15 card holder with any purchase of a Dooney & Bourke handbag. Look to see if you spot this:


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For $400, I could buy an awful lot of snacks for my family. Have you bought your own Disney Dooney? Leave us some comments if you think they hold their value and are a worthwhile investment in…you!

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Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess


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