Disney Vacation Must Do: Try Epcot’s Beverly!

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How bad is Beverly at Epcot, free drinks at Epcot

Updated for 2018!

Club Cool is a great little spot in Epcot that offers FREE drinks, and if you ever paused your vacation roller-coaster ridin’ fun to get a free drink, you just might be a Cheapskate Princess!  Disney rumor has it that Club Cool was initially designed to be a temporary free attraction, but the Mouse kept it around because the drinks can reduce the cases of dehydration. If you’ve walked from one side of Epcot to another during any part of the summer, you know how incredible hot this park in particular can be.

So if you are feeling thirsty, or just up for a little fun, drop by Club Cool over in Epcot. Disney fans in the know will tell you…the drink everyone is talking about goes by the pretty name “Beverly.”

Epcot's Club Cool

Club Cool offers several varieties of Coca Cola beverages that aren’t available in the U.S. but are favorites in other countries. These include Krest from Mozambique, Fanta from Costa Rica, Mezzo Mix from Germany, Vegita Beta from Japan, Kenley from Israel, Lift from Mexico, Xingmu (Smart) from China, and last, but not least, Beverly from Italy.

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what does the Beverly taste like?. what is Beverly at Disney World, where can you find Beverly at Epcot

Beverly is an Italian beverage with quite a distinct taste. Like the description on the drink dispenser indicates: “Beverly, with its bitter flavor, is a popular non-alcoholic aperitif that stimulates the appetite before dinner.” I had no idea exactly what “aperitif” was. The true definition was “an alcoholic drink taken before a meal to stimulate the appetite.” At Epcot, you are drinking the non-alcoholic version to stimulate your appetite. That’s not the reaction I had after drinking it, a sudden urge to eat something, but I did have an instant desire to drink something else.

Cheapskate Princess fan Selyna Vidaurri sent us thus photo of her daughter trying the Beverly. You know what they say about how one photos is worth 1,000 words?

Where to find the Beverly drink, what is the Beverly drink at Epcot,drink the Beverly, Club Cool

“Bitter is an understatement! Yikes! is more like it,”Selyna said. 

Mike from The Soda Jerks.com offered a really humorous description of Beverly.

“Third, and the most infamous soda for us at The Soda Jerks, and anyone who has been to Club Cool and/or the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, is Italy’s Beverly.  Beverly is the most disgusting drink I’ve ever tasted.  Let me give you an example of its infamy and level of gross. One of the big things that frequent Disney visitors get sucked into is pin trading.  This started in 2000 and was an off shoot of Olympic pin trading.  Essentially pins are sold at Disney, some common, some rare, and you trade with other pin collectors to get the ones you want. 

Back when I worked for Disney in 2001, my friends and I were into this for a bit.  One of the rarest pins is the “wet paint” which was a pin version of the wet paint signs that are in the parks.  It’s essentially Donald Duck screaming at one of his nephews for touching paint and getting caught ‘red handed.’  Well, there was a guy who had one who once offered anybody a trade that he’d give them his wet paint pin if they took a large-sized cup from one of the quick service restaurants, filled it up with Beverly and chugged it. At the time, and even today, this pin goes on eBay for 200 bucks.  Nobody would drink it. So what is Beverly?  It’s billed as a grapefruit soda, with no sweetness whatsoever.  It’s extremely bitter and tastes like every awful medicine you had as a child.  Although I’ve had it before, I drank it once again for the benefit of this site.  Verdict:  Do not buy!”

You can read this review and several more at their review of Epcot using this link.  

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Beverly at Disney World, what does Beverly taste like,

Lucky for you, you don’t have to even attempt to buy it because it’s free. There are not many times I have to say that free may not be a good thing, but in this case, it’s certainly true.

We asked our Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans for their descriptions of Beverly.

Straight from the mouths of experts…

Ami, “Tastes like bile, bitter, burns, and it makes you throw up after. I ended up having my gallbladder out right after I got home. I totally blame Beverly.”

Karen, “I think kind of like Ginger Ale at first… not too bad, but then bitter and very gross and the aftertaste lasting way too long!”

Clarissa, “I had it last week and I thought like rotten black licorice…lol My husband did 10 shots, his first shot, he was like this isn’t so bad… by number 10 his face looked green. He was disgusted!”

Mindy, “Dishwater. Any food after the Beverly is sure to taste divine.”

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where is Beverly at Disney World, drink Beverly, Disney's Beverly tastes horrible, Coca Cola Beverly

First time Epcot visitors frequently say they had no idea Club Cool even existed, because it doesn’t have a hugely prominent sign like other attractions. It’s just a room on the corner of a building. If you are not looking for it, you may not notice it.

So here’s a map. Look for the fountain over by Mouse Gears, one of my all time favorite window shopping stores, just as you are headed over to the Epcot countries. If you reach the lake, you have gone too far. Why pay for Starbucks at the Fountain View when you can have Coca Cola drinks for free?

Beverly, Club Cool, why try Beverly,

Here is a great article describing all the Club Cool drinks in detail and photos.

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While you stop in for some FREE fun, drinking the other yummy beverages while you’re hanging out in the air conditioning at Club Cool, hang around and watch people try Beverly. In fact, you might want to encourage them to try it, and be sure to have your camera ready.

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