Disney Springs Jewelry Shopping!

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Updated for 2018!

There are many items to bring home as souvenirs from Disney World, too many in fact. How does a cheapskate know what to choose?! Disney Springs jewelry shopping can be a fantastic way to bring home some Disney souvenir magic.

Disney Springs jewelry shopping

When you talk with SUPER Disney vacation fans, you know the kind who hardly travel anywhere else, they are typically wearing some sort of souvenir at the time of the conversation. Often it’s sort of in your face – the Mickey hat or t-shirt, a sweatshirt, or maybe a big Disney Dooney purse. Sometimes however, those souvenirs are a little more subtle. Possibly you notice a charm bracelet, maybe a pair of Mickey silhouette earrings. Jewelry makes a nice souvenir, because you can get a lot of daily use out of it.

When you visit Disney Springs, you’ll spot a lot of merchandise locations selling jewelry. You probably won’t have to look for very long before it will literally find you.

You and your Visa.

Before we get to more serious jewelry, there are stores that carry items starting at about $5 for plastic charms and heading up to $100 for a watch.

Disney Springs jewelry shopping: Charmed in the Parks




You’ll find the Charmed in the Park jewelry at The World of DisneyStore. For more info. on these charms and necklaces priced under $10, use this link: Disney’s Charmed in the Park Jewelry: A Cheapskate Princess Guide.

Disney Springs jewelry shopping: Watches

Watches are at a variety of stores and locations depending on the theme, from the afore-mentioned World to Disney to Trend D.




With the re-modeling of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs, many “fancy” jewelry stores have popped up, and they are definitely worth a look for the souvenir hunter with some free time on their hands.



Alex and Ani

The Alexi and Ani Store has some lovely items.

Alex and Ani offers jewelry with a very prominent Disney theme, and we’ll get to that later, but the store itself features all sorts of designs, so you could purchase a piece that came from Disney but doesn’t scream DISNEY.





When I purchased a necklace, which was about $40, it was summer, and living close to the Gulf of Mexico, this reminded me of a (purchased at) Disney vacation and walking on the beach near my home town. Double score, plus $40 isn’t too insane as far as pricing goes. Triple score for “Made in America with Love.”


The World of Disney store at Disney Springs also sells Alex and Ani items but only with Disney-themed designs. They have an entire room dedicated to nothing but jewelry, with some handbags and scarves thrown in. Most Alex and Ani bangles are priced under $50.



Disney Springs jewelry shopping: Gold and Silver

The World of Disney store also sells a lot of silver and gold jewelry.




Prices for most sterling silver necklaces range from $100 to $300.

And then prices start to climb.


expensive Disney World jewelry


Why yes, that price tag does say $4,500. I don’t know anyone purchasing these high-end items, but if they did, we call that an extravagance. You get what you pay for after all.

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Let’s get back to semi-expensive shopping, starting at the Pandora Store.

Disney Springs jewelry shopping: Pandora

Disney’s Spring’s Pandora Store isn’t all that different from my local mall location, except the beautiful Springs’ waters are right around the corner and so is a cupcake ATM. I sure don’t see that back at home. While they seem to have a really vast amount of Disney themed charms, necklaces, etc., they also sell traditional beads and jewelry items.





Aaribas Brothers

Aaribas Brothers has a location on Magic Kingdom’s Main Street, in the Mexican Pavillion in Epcot, and at Disney Springs by Basin and the World of Disney. They offer a huge amount of sterling silver jewelry in designs you might not have seen in the parks and resort gift shops. Not all the pieces have Disney themes but many do.



I purchased a blown glass reversible Mickey/Minnie pendant years ago. While the prices have gone up on these items, that’s because the quality has gone up as well, with the post and chain now made of sterling silver.

blown glass Mickey Minnie pendant

If you go by the store in the Mexican pavilion at Epcot, you could see the Cast Member who makes these pieces actually doing the work. She is amazingly talented.

down glass at Epcot Crystal Arts


Let’s forget shopping for anything for just a moment.

Walking around Disney Springs is a real treat. I don’t care how nice your mall is back home; this place is just an amazing place to wander around.





The “Springs” themselves are indeed a sight to behold, day or night.




Shopping is a great part of the fun you’ll experience on vacation. We suggest you set aside half a day at a minimum to see Disney Springs, where you’ll find lots of jewelry just begging to catch a ride home with you. That’s way more fun than bringing home a Haunted Mansion ghost.


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