Disney Springs Must Do: Visit The Art of Disney Store

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Updated for 2017!

If I bought everything that caught my eye at Disney World, how totally broke I would be. I’m a child of the 70s, and we did a lot of looking at souvenirs back then, because none of us kids had a Jay Oh Bee (job!) to pay for anything. My parents had money, but they were too busy sneaking in Magic Kingdom with food, and some other junk about teaching me the lesson you can’t have everything you want (No, and Blah, blah, blah is what I heard at the time) to buy us everything we wanted. 

Some of my favorite adult window shopping at Disney is in jewelry stores like Arribas Brothers and the Art of Disney stores.  Even if I am not taking home any huge Disney themed portraits, this has certainly never stopped me from looking.

So while in Disney Springs, an adult must do is the Art of Disney store.

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The Art of Disney store in Disney Springs could more aptly be described as a Disney art gallery. Located across from 365 Days of Christmas and near Goofy’s Candy Co., I could easily spend an hour admiring the latest in Disney paintings and sculptures in the cool air conditioning.

The Art of Disney offers a unique assortment of Disney animation art, original paintings, giclees and other prints. They carry also unique figurines, which like some of their large original art work, can be on the pricey side of shopping. 

Disney Springs has tons of shops and eateries to keep you occupied on those Disney occasions you don’t want to use your expensive tickets.

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At certain times throughout the day, you will find an artist seated at a long work table drawing Disney characters, enlarged on a screen and viewed in large detail on the wall. It’s fascinating to watch the drawing process, both the drawing of lines and often the un-drawing. You can purchase these creations in frames, often with pins or character watches to match.

Many of the works you find here contain bright vivid colors and exquisite detail not typically found on many of the Disney pieces for sale throughout the parks and resorts. It’s like a variation on a familiar theme, which makes for a nice change of visual pace. You’ve seen Mickey and Snow White hundreds of times, but perhaps you haven’t seen them as they are depicted here.

The paintings are undoubtedly my favorite. I have a fine appreciation for painters and sculptors, because my personal paintings looks like the product of a third grade art class. I appreciate the long hours of practice spent honing their craft.

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With Disney’s high standards, it takes a lot of skill to make it to the walls and shelves of the Art of Animation. The spin on the usual colors captivates me.

So how much are we talking about? Prices are actually not as high as you might think. You can pop out with something in the $100 range, and prices quickly escalate from there. But looking is free, if you can keep your wallet in your pocket.

Another of my favorite Disney Springs stores? Basin.

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Art of Disney Store location in Disney Springs

Once you spot Rainforest cafe, the Art of Disney Store is right next door.

The regular hours of operation for the Art of Disney store are Sunday through Thursday from 9:30 a.m to 11:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 9:30 a.m to 11:30 p.m. These operating hours are subject to change without notice.

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